Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After Every Storm....

...there comes a rainbow.
And Lord knows it has been quite stormy around here lately!
The sudden departure of our favorite SLP.
Our schedule being thrown out the window.
Having to find a new SLP to complete Andrew's EI schedule.
The unprofessional behavior of the prior clinic.
The nasty phone calls.
The idle threats.
Abruptly kicking a little girl to the curb who desperately needs speech therapy because your ego was bruised.
We may have been temporarily knocked down (um, I's say it was for all of 5 minutes!), but we picked ourselves up and moved on.
To bigger and better.
Yes, you read that correctly: BIGGER AND BETTER!

And then, we meet Miss M.
Miss M is our "rainbow".

To say the least, I am speechless, and that doesn't happen all that often.
Warm. Knowledgeable. And right to the point.
Within thirty minutes, she had a pretty good idea of what Kaitlyn is all about.

Verbal Apraxia, but definitely (thankfully) not Oral-Motor Apraxia.
How quickly she was able to spot that diagnosis that has been the monkey on Kaitlyn's back all this time.
Kaitlyn took to her so well, and was even allowed a hug (or two!).
The other place was "anti-hug" all the way.
I could hear them through the walls of the clinic, and I could hear Kaitlyn laughing!

That, my friends, warms my heart.
To know that my daughter trusts Miss M this much already!
And I totally trust Miss M: her assessment, her approach, her plan.
Miss M is now in charge.
She is the leader of the pack.
She makes the calls.
And I know that we are in good hands.

This is the open window for Kaitlyn that was so needed at this point.
The window for all of those doors that closed on her.
And from this view out of this window, I see nothing but "rainbows"!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Going back to work on Wednesday for the first time in five weeks after the whole foot fracture thing. Basically, it sucked!

9. Andrew telling his new SLP in so many words (his words) that he was in no mood for her. Funny!

8. Summer = swimming!

7. Kaitlyn's first swim lesson of the season. She does so well!

6. A successful first week of ESY.

5. Listening to the amazing burst of language from both kids!

4. Finding an amazing lady to take over Kaitlyn's speech therapy schedule. Amazing!

3. Being showered with hugs and kisses from Andrew in Church. Awww!

2. Planning a great July 4th weekend.

1. I love my kids!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not My Child Monday

My daughter is not a snitch.
Nope, she would never tattle on someone.
No, not my daughter.
She did not call me at work on Wednesday and complain to me "I am all wet!"
And I did not ask why.
Why should I?
My husband is home with them and keeps a watchful eye on the kids at all times.
So why should she be wet?
And she did not say "I was at the park".
And "There was a HORRIBLE thunderstorm!"
And my Mommy radar did not kick into overdrive.
Seeing that we had some violently wicked storms that day in our area.
Which included lightening strikes and tornado sightings.
And my husband did not decide to take the kids to the park.
Right before the storms blew in
And he did not decide to leave the park for the four block walk home when the raindrops began to fall.
Or when the wind whipped up "Wizard of Oz" style.
No, my husband has more sense than that.
And my kids did not get soaked.
With the torrential downpour.
And my husband did not try to say that they made it home right when the rain started to fall.
Because my daughter is not a snitch.
And she did not snitch on her father.


And husband and I did not have a long talk that night when I got home about "storm safety".


Maybe being a snitch is a good thing when it comes to Daddy's doing wrong!
Thanks, Officer Kaitlyn!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Walk!

Get ready, folks.
Get ready and get those walking shoes ready, too!

Because in a few months, we will be walking!
Walking again for Apraxia.
Walking to help fund research.
Walking to make a difference.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 is the big day!

Are you walking with us?

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week #1 of ESY: Success!

Kaitlyn began summer school this week.
Boy, did she miss school!
She was only off for about 3 weeks, but she was feelin' it!
She kept counting down the days until she was able to go back and see her friends.
Well, truthfully, I was too!
She needs a schedule.
She thrives on a schedule.
And I LOVE a schedule.
Having to wing it for a few weeks wasn't too bad, but I could tell that she was getting bored and getting bored FAST!

So, on Monday morning, we loaded the clan into the car and off to school she went.
I was hoping that she would be OK with it.
It was the same school building.
It was the same teacher.
There would be a same familiar faces in the classroom.
So there would be no reason to have a repeat of last year, right?

That was my biggest fear!

And there wasn't.
She was so happy to be back in what is "normal" for her.

Yes, we LOVE school!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Who is Mom?

When Kaitlyn was born, I longed for the day that she would start babbling and turning those "ma-ma-ma-ma"s into "Mommy!".
And that day did come, although it took a bit longer with the whole apraxia thing.
Eventually, she became quite proficient with her reference to me as "Mommy".
And truthfully, I ate it up!
Now, she is 6.
She will be 7 in October.
She will be starting first grade in the fall.
She has been on a brief summer break/hiatus for the last 3 weeks.
And now...I am "Mom".

What did you call me?


Hmmm? Where did that come from?
Since when am I "Mom".
Where did "Mommy" go?

When I try to correct her, or even question her what my name is, she says "Mom".
And, to add insult to injury, she is being polite about it!
Kinda like the girl who bags my groceries at the store.

"Excuse me, Mom, can you listen to me?"
"Mom, can I tell you something?"
"Mom, when are we going swimming?"
"I am finished, Mom."
"Mom, come here."

So I am now Mom.
No more "Mommy".
Another sign that my baby girl is getting older.
I wasn't prepared for this.
Nope, not prepared one bit.
It actually makes me sad, even though I shouldn't be because this is just something else that she is achieving.
I should be happy for her.
But I can't help but feel sorry for myself.
I feel like a piece of my identity is gone.
Now I am "Mom".


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Therapy Thursday: Alveolar Sounds

Welcome to another addition of "Therapy Thursday".

Once again, I am not a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, nor do I pretend to be. I am just a Mom with two kiddos in speech therapy and I am sharing some of the techniques that have worked for us in the past.

This week, we are going to be talking about "alveolar sounds".

Alveolar consonants include /t/, /d/, /n/, /s/ and /z/, and are made with the tip of the tongue against the superior alveolar ridge.
These sounds are produced on the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper front teeth.

*Warning: some children substitute the /k/ and /g/ sounds for the /t/ and /d/ sounds. They will do this because they may be having a hard time lifting their tongue tip into the appropriate place. You can easily test this at home by having your child move their tongue up and down and from left to right.

If your child is old enough and can understand simple commands, try stimulating the gums behind the front teeth (the alveolar ridge), and the tongue tip with a small sponded toothette, then telling your child to place the tip of their tongue behind his front teeth. Once the tongue is in place have him try to imitate a /t/ or /d/ sound all by itself. This should produce the sounds.

If raising the tongue tip is more of a challenge for your child, or if your child is too young follow simple commands, try using something appealing like pudding or peanut butter (if not allergic) to provide a little incentive to get that tongue tip up. Then have the child raise the tongue tip to lick the food off. Once the tongue tip is in place have them try to say the /d/ and /t/ sounds in simple words like "two, tea, tie, toes, night, day, neigh, dough, and no". We all know that kids like to say "no", don't we?

What has worked for you?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summertime Fun!

Look at these two fish!
Best of friends.
Frick and frack.
Laurel and Hardy.
Bozo and Cookie.
Peanut butter and jelly.
Cookies and milk.
Oh, and oil and water on occasion, I must admit.
And the two sunshines in my sky!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Top Ten

10. A string of 90 degree days, allowing me to spend some quality time with the kids at the pool.

9. Harrassing phone calls. This makes number three! (Insert rolling eyes here).

8. Having an awesome phone call with someone in my "legal department".

7. Kaitlyn's "rainbow" after the storm.

6. A great morning at Kaitlyn's Meet-n-Greet for her six week ESY program.

5. Kaitlyn breaking down in tears, stating that "I miss schooooooool!"

4. Meeting Miss M, our new SLP.

3. Andrew's "accidental" introduction to the community pool. He's fine, but my heart skipped a few beats.

2. Signing Kaitlyn up for swim lessons. Note to self: sign Andrew up ASAP!

1. An interesting and informative phone call with Aetna Insurance Company.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not My Child Monday!

This week, my son did not scare the heck out of me.
Nope! He would never do that!
He did not sit at the edge of the neighborhood gym in-ground pool and just happily kick his feet in the water.
He was not sitting there happy as a clam kicking water, watching his big sister jump into the pool.
And he did not test his fear level by walking closer and closer to the edge of the deep end of the pool.
No, my son is too scared to do that.

And he did not flirt with the pool ladder.

And he did not lose his footing.

And he did not bounce so gracefully over the edge and right into the pool!
Nope, he would never do that!

And he wouldn't do that without the appropriate ear gear since having tubes placed in his ears 14 months ago!
No, I would never come ill-prepared to a swimming pool without his Doc's ProPlugs and Ear Bandit system!
Nope, not me!
I am always prepared for anything!

And since I was just an arm's length away from him the entire time, I did not get to my son within 2 seconds of him being submerged in the chlorinated deep end of the pool.
And he would not pop out of the water, take a deep breath, and stare at me with a look of disbelief as to what just transpired.

And he didn't shed one tear.

And I did not turn to look and see three lifeguards clad in Baywatch red swimsuits with their matching red floaty thingys ready to pounce into the water to rescue my son.

And I was so grateful that they were so observant.
And that my little guy was safe.

And I did not stop by the Aquatics Office on our way out of the pool area for a list of swim lessons for curious almost-three-year-old-boys.

What has not been going on in your house this week?

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

(Scroll down to the lower right side of my blog to "pause" my music. Thanks.)
To my Dad, you are awesome!
I wouldn't be where I am today without you and your support.
To my husband, the father of my two beautiful children,
thank you for being the role model and wonderful parent that you are to them!

To all the Dads out there....
I am wishing you the happiest of Father's Days!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Example of What Parents Fight For!

(Be sure to "pause" the music on my blog prior to playing the following video.
Scroll down to the bottom right column. Thanks!)
Every once in a while, a news crew finds a story worth telling.
This is a story worth telling!
I hope that all of those individuals who have chosen to take the road to discriminate, threaten, bully, or just be plain evil people to those with special needs learn something from this young man.
He is more of a human than they will ever be!
Eric, you can teach a lot of people a thing or two!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning To Read

Since I have two early-reading learners in my house, I am always on the hunt for new ways to teach them that aren't so boring.
Granted, Kaitlyn is currently learning to read in school by use of sight words, but I want to teach her the ole fashioned way of reading.
However, getting my hands on the books that I once used has proven to be quite the task.
So, Mr. I come!
And look at what I came across!
A great website called that will help me in my teaching endeavour without frustrating me or the kids.

Ready or not, kiddos....let's read!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Miss School!

And with that sentence...the tears came streaming down Kaitlyn's face.

"I miss school".

Poor thing.

She is in such a routine.

She loves school.

She loves speech.

And we are so darned excited to say that we have a new speech therapy clinic and speech therapist for Kaitlyn!

So next week will be big for her: ESY starts as well as a new therapist!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Now that my blood has stopped boiling, I am sitting down to write this post.
Had I written it when it all went down on Monday, I am sure that it would be laced with obscenities and the such.
And I am sure that Mr. Blogspot himself would have emailed me himself to take the post down.
But now that my mind is calm, and that I am normotensive, I can tell you what happened.

I called our clinic where my daughter receives her speech therapy services.
My intention was to speak with the owner.
My husband and I talked and we wanted to change our therapy provider, and I didn't see a problem with this at all.
Our current provider on Wednesdays is actually covering for our usual provider, but she is out on maternity leave.
We will refer to her as "SLP-A"
So for the past two months, we have had "SLP-B" treating Kaitlyn.
And we are liking what we are seeing.
Kaitlyn is making a lot of progress, and we attribute that the SLP-B's technique and experience level.
You see, SLP-A is a bit young and I would say less experienced.
Plus, we are told that Kaitlyn gets a bit "goofy and silly" with her.
But with SLP-B, there is no acting up at all.
Kaitlyn is all about business, and we attribute that to SLP-B and her intolerance for silliness.
So, I call the owner.
Get her voicemail.
Leave a simple message.
Didn't think it would turn into an "issue".
Get a return phone call from owner's husband, better known as "the-guy-with-no-manners-who-talks-over-you-and-yells-at-you-on-the-phone-and-tries-to-make-excuses-for-everything" owner.
Yep, the chick didn't have the guts to call me herself, so she sends "Cujo" after me.
Then get this!
He gives me this line of bullsh*t about how "SLP-A will be upset" and how he "has to talk with other owner and SLP-A and SLP-B".
Then he says he will call me back this week.
Call me back?
Like there is something to think about?
This is our family's request, jack!


You are more concerned about the emotional instability of your SLP that you are refusing my request?
Pardon my French, you a$$, but who the hell do you think you are?
I am paying you!
Remember? It's MY money going into YOUR account.
I am the customer.
The customer is always right.
And this is not right!

Is he really that demented that he thinks he can refuse my request?
That's not how the game is played, pal.
Patients hire and fire therapists all the time.
It's part of the business.

So, after my blood stopped boiling and I vented to my husband, two close buddies, my sister and my brother, I came up with a plan.
We will be in search of a new clinic.
This is the second time that I have been harassed and verbally assaulted by this owner in less than three weeks.
Enough is enough.
My money and my children will no longer be a part of that fiasco of a company.
This ain't right.
Can you say Better Business Bureau?

I love having the last word.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Top Ten

What a week this has been!
Hang on to your hats, because this one is going to make your head spin.
Mine still is!

10. Starting a "Therapy Thursday" for the next few weeks or so. Not sure it's going to work, but I am getting some good feedback so far!

9. A new week with a new SLP for Andrew. So far, so good.

8. Andrew keeps calling for "Miss Dill" (Jill) to play with him. *sad face*

7. The look of "oh-well-you-will-do-for-now" look on Andrew's face when he sees his new SLP, "Miss Baygan" (Megan) at the door. Big sighs all around.

6. Adding Pediatric Cardiology to our list of specialists.

5. Crossing off Pediatric Cardiology to our list of specialists.

4. Being told that Andrew has a "Still's Murmur", and a PFO, and a murmur completely unrelated to the PFO, and a normal EKG. WHEW! Confused yet? Me too!

3. Requesting a new SLP for Kaitlyn, yet being told that her old therapist "will be upset and crying". And I am supposed to care??? This is about my daughter's progress, not a therapist's emotional instability!

2. Putting my "plan" into motion for bigger and better for my kids. Enough is enough. Can you say Better Business Bureau?

1. I love my kids, and I will do anything for them!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Not My Child Monday

Once again, it's Monday.
And once again, we gather around telling everyone what has not been going on in our homes and our lives!
This blog carnival is brought to you by MckMama.
So sit down, grab a button, and join in!

Once again, we have to talk about St. Andrew.
And I use that term oh-so-lightly.
Because my dear son is not a saint in the making!
Nope, he is not!
Because this week in Church, he decides that he is going to pick up chicks.
Nope, my two year old son is not scouting women in the HOG (House of God).
He did not proceed to make googly eyes at the older woman in front of him.
And he did not rub her back.
And he did not try to play with her hair.
And he did not proceed to flirt with the twenty-something girl in the pew behind us, flashing a bashful smile and batting those long eye lashes of his.
And of course, he did not direct all of the attention to himself when the Church became quiet.
After we all applauded for a missionary group leaving the following day for their next calling of need, my son did not stand on my lap and start clapping as loud as a two-year old could clap.
And he did not yell "Yay!" as loud as he could.
And he did not yell "More clapping!" as my husband carried him to the back of the Church towards the quiet room.
And he did not look at my daughter and yell "Peeee-You. You stink!"
And some members of the congregation did not giggle.
And I did not just shake my head and wonder to myself "Why is he so loud in Church?!"

What has not been going on in your house this week?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Great Place to Hang Out

I am always on a mission of sorts.
A mission for the best therapy techniques.
The best books to read.
The best therapists.
The best websites.
And I just so happened to come across a link on my Twitter page.
Which lead me to this site!

It. Rocks!

Won't you join us?

This is truly the place to be lately!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Make My Heart Sing!

My heart is happy.
But more important is that Andrew's heart is happy.

Ever since that day when I found out he had a heart murmur.

And that day we had his 2D-ECHO.

And the day we heard he had a PFO, my heart hadn't been the same.

This is my little boy's heart we are talking about!
What if something is wrong?
We were reassured by our Pediatrician that his murmur is most likely nothing to worry about.
Even the Cardiologist that read the ECHO called it "unremarkable" with the except of that darned 3mm PFO.
But this Mama needed some peace of mind.
And her own heart needed some reassurance.
So on Friday, we had an appointment with a different Pediatric Cardiologist.
Not the one who performed the 2D-ECHO.
Not the one who read the 2D-ECHO.
A Pediatric Cardiologist who knows neither me, my son, his heart, or my concerns.
I wanted someone to examine my son.
To listen to his heart.
To answer my questions.
To tell me that he was going to be just fine.

And he did that....and more.

He listened to Andrew' heart.
He answered my questions.
And most importantly, he told me that my son and his heart were just fine.

What Andrew has is called a Still's Murmur.
He agreed that there is, indeed, a PFO
And a quick 12-lead EKG confirmed no issues with rate and rhythm.

He reassured me that my son is fine.
His heart is fine.
There will be no need to follow up at this point, unless I notice new symptoms with Andrew or our pediatricians pick up something new while listening to his heart.

So we have now added "Pediatric Cardiology" to our list of specialists.
And we are very blessed to have been lead to this specific Cardiologist.

And that sound you hear, folks, is my heart singing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New SLP: Week #1

Well, this was Andrew's first week with a new SLP.
You may recall that our previous SLP left her employer about two weeks ago for bigger and better (you go, girl!), thus leaving us without an SLP for the remaining 10 weeks of Andrew's stint in Early Intervention.
So after some frantic phone calls to our EI Coordinator, we were introduced to a new SLP, Megan.
Megan is going to be picking up where Jill left off, but I tell ya, those are some pretty big shoes to fill.
Fortunately, Andrew's timid behavior only lasted about 15 minutes into meeting "Ms. Baygan", (Andrew's attempt at saying her name).
He was all about getting back to work.
And fortunately, she is taking over Jill's previous schedule, which leaves us in good hands with meeting recommended therapy hours.
As opposed to the "other place" who was offering me a bunch of crap for sessions and times, but we won't go there!

But, in typical Mama fashion, I came up with a bunch of pros and cons about our new situation.
You knew I would, so here they are:

1. Andrew has adjusted quickly. That is a major plus!
2. She is young, just like Jill. Another plus, since he likes young women. Yes, my son is a flirt!
3. She has a bag with lots of new stuff to explore!
4. She likes to do oral-motor exercises with chocolate pudding. This, my friends, is a MAJOR plus for Andrew. The key to his heart is his gut!

1. She is NO Jill.
2. She doesn't listen to my suggestions of going into our playroom and closing the door. The kid is a tad too distracted. She'll learn, and I won't bite my tongue for much longer!
3. Andrew still asks to play with "Ms. Dill" every time the doorbell rings.
4. She lacks some of the cheerleader-esque enthusiasm that Jill has.

I guess you can read those lists and say "that's not all so bad, is it?".
Well, I guess it's not, but my little guy misses his buddy.
And I miss chatting with her.
And now I just have this stranger in my house.
This, too, will pass.
And there's only nine weeks left of Early Intervention.


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Therapy Thursday: Bilabial Sounds

I have decided that for the next several weeks I will tell you all about some of the techniques that I use when doing "home speech therapy" with my kids.
Disclaimer: I am not professing to be a speech pathologist.
Let's just make that clear up front.
I just want to share some of my ideas and was has worked for me.

If anyone has any other suggestions on any of the sounds that I will be talking about, please feel free to leave a comment.
Your comments will help other readers of this blog.

These are typically the first sounds that babies start producing during the early months.
Sounds like "ba" and "ma" are bilabial sounds.
They are called "bilabial" because they are made when the lips touch each other.
Examples of these sounds include m, p, b

Other examples of bilabial sounds are: bow, bee, by, my, moo, pea, and pie.

Modeling the sounds are fun because you can exaggerate them! If your child asks for "milk" and it comes out as "ilk" or "nilk", you can easily say "m-m-m-m-m-m-m-milk". This way, your child has the visual cue as well as the verbal cue.

Animal sounds are another way of practicing these sounds. Think "Old McDonald Had A Farm" and add animal sounds that are specifically bilabial: cows say "Moo", cats say "Meow". That's OK if you only have two animals on your farm!

Blowing bubbles is another form. Not only does your get to practice lip pursing, you can also encourage that bilabial sound in a silly way by saying "POP!" as you pop each bubble.

Placing food on the child's lips is another technique. Something sticky like pudding, peanut butter (if not allergic to nuts), jelly or jam, and the like will give a tactile cue. Using a mirror for the child to see the food is a way to encourage them to use their tongue to remove the substance.

Finally, we have used whistles to encourage usage of that front bilabial sound. My kids think they are just making noise, er, music. But in essence, they are working on those specific sounds.

What has worked for you?

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Words

I don't think this post needs any explanation.
Kaitlyn, you rock baby girl!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Having my foot re-xray'd to see a healing fracture and new bone growth!

9. Being told that I need to stay in my walking boot for two more weeks. Boo!

8. Surviving three doctor's appointments in three hours. And lunch in a restaurant. Just me and the kids.

7. Andrew's strep culture coming back negative.

6. Kaitlyn's quarterly eye surgeon appointment and being told that we have to patch her right eye three hours a day now. Crud. She hates the patch. Recheck in 8 weeks.

5. Spending $1.00 on a bag of 101 water balloons and listening to the kids giggle like never before!

4. Taking the kids swimming for the first time this season! What a splash!

3. Breaking up with our SLP. It is rough, people. But she is doing something that she really likes now and we couldn't be happier for her!

2. Making the dreaded Pediatric Cardiology appointment for Andrew for this week, seeing that I am not happy until I get a 3rd and 4th opinion that everything is OK.

1. Surviving the first week of summer vacation!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Not My Child Monday

Welcome to MckMama's blog carnival! Hop on over to her site here, grab a button, and join in on the fun! Tell us all what has NOT been going on in your house this week!

Seems as if I have kids who love to act up, don't I?
This week, my son did not misbehave in Church.
Nope! Not my son!
He always behaves like the little altar boy I dream him to be.
And he did not slip past my husband into the aisle of the Church.
And he did not slip out of my husband's weak grasp on his wrist....
and make a bee line for the altar!
Giggling all the way!
Nooooooooooo! Not my son!
And my husband did not finally catch up with him 12 pews ahead,
clomping in his penny loafers like a horse,
while the Church was quiet,
after Communion.
Nope! Not my graceful husband.
And I did not shoot daggers at my husband in Church.
Nor did I scold him (husband) and order him to take the possessed child to the quiet room so that I could gather my thoughts and pray for a few minutes.
Nope. I'd never do that.

And my daughter....bless her heart.
She is such a little helper.
She did not see her Mommy, half-asleep one morning, sitting on the potty, trying to complete her morning pee.
Nope! My daughter would not just walk into the bathroom like that!
And I would not leave the door open like that, either!
NO! I wasn't that tired!
And I did not grope for the toilet paper with my eyes closed, vying for just a few more minutes of sleep, even if it was on the toilet.
Nope! I always get a minimum of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.
And my precious daughter did not say "Here, Mommy. Let me help you wipe" as she took the toilet paper from my hand.
Which I immediately grabbed back from her.
My gosh, people, I wasn't that tired!
I can surely take care of my own morning business!
But I could use more sleep!

What has not been going on in your house this week?

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...what this new week is going to bring us.
We have a new SLP following Andrew now.
And for next 10 weeks, we hope for continued progress as we had with our previous SLP.
Change is hard.
I have a hard time with it.
I wonder how Andrew will adjust?

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just One of the Girls....

I absolutely love this!
A little girl in pink, ignoring the fact that my little girl (in blue/gray) has a few disabilities in the way.
She doesn't seem to mind one bit.
In fact, I have heard that she is quite protective and possessive of my daughter in school!
This makes Mama smile!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

His Receptive Language

So I asked Andrew to water the flowers.
He was playing at a water table that we have in the backyard.
He could choose from a hose, buckets, or sponges.
So he chose the sponge.
And that is how he proceeded to water the flowers.
Soaking the sponge.
Squeezing the sponge.
Which confirms to me that his receptive language is intact.
As is his creative and imaginative side.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Every morning, when I get Andrew washed up and dressed, he asks me to read this book to him.

"Ree, a book" (Read a book)
"Here, ho dis" (Here, hold this)
"Eee day" (Each Day)

We use it as a speech therapy tool, actually: I read the sentence, but he finishes the sentence by saying the final word.
Yes, that means that the boy has this book memorized!

But it took a 2 year old boy to remind me what I should be thankful for: to ignore the struggles and hard times and focus on what is most important.

Here is what it says:

"I'm thankful each day
For the blessings I see,
And for all of the gifts
That God's given to me.

And counting the stars
At the edge of the sea,
I can't help but feel
They were put there for me.

I'm thankful for summer
And warm golden days
I'm thankful for autumns
Of orange pumpkin haze.

I'm thankful for meadows
And bright colored flowers
I'm thankful for raindrops
And soft summer showers.

Each sunset is special,
Each sunrise is new.
Each breeze in the trees
Is a promise come true.

Each evening's a wonder
Where beauty abounds.
Each morning's a harvest
Of new sights and sounds.

And it's nice just to know
That beneath winter's snow
The blossoms of springtime
Are beginning to grow.

I'm thankful for friends
For laughing and sharing.
I'm thankful for family,
For loving and caring.

I'm thankful for all
The kindness I see.
I'm thankful for peace
And pure harmony.

My body's a present
Of perfect design.
My mind is a power
As endless as time.

And if ever I worry
That trouble is near.
I always remember,
I've nothing to fear.

For each hour is laden
With God's perfect love.
Each second brings comfort
And joy from above.

And I guess in the end
The best thing to say
Is I'm thankful for living...
I'm thankful each day!"

Thank you, Andrew, for opening my eyes again.
I am so very thankful for you and your sister!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A New Day

Change is coming.
And I expect it to be coming soon.
With the last week's turmoil of our beloved SLP leaving and all of the unprofessional behavior on the part of her ex-employer, my husband and I have had plenty to talk about!
I am hoping to hear something today or tomorrow.
And again, this is all for the benefit of Andrew.
I am not sure as to how this will affect Kaitlyn, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Until then, keep reading, and I will keep updating on our "changes".

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


These are the stream of emotions that have enveloped me over the past week.
And it all stems from the break up between us and our awesome SLP.
Don't get me wrong, folks. I didn't fire her and she didn't fire us. She has made a decision to move on to something bigger and better professionally, and we couldn't be happier for her!
Unfortunately, we are left with a ton of emotions that are hard to grapple with.

This is the first thing that I experienced last week.
Yep, I was floored last week Tuesday when she told me that Andrew's last day with her would be in eight days.
Eight days?!
OK, we will just transfer his services to her new place, right?
Well, if only it was that easy.
We don't know where she is going, she won't say, and there is this thing called a "No Treat Clause" dangling out there that can cause her some trouble if she does continue to treat Andrew.

What are we going to do with Andrew now?
He LOVES her!
He works so well with her.
And he only has ten weeks left in Early Intervention before he ages out and moves on to the preschool setting.
Is he going to fall through the cracks?
Are they going to be able to find a replacement so quickly that there will not be a lapse in services?
Will I start to see a regression?

My little boy's friend.
She has actually treated both of my children now, so she feels like family.
What is Andrew going to say?
How is he going to feel when I tell him that his friend isn't coming over to play anymore?
Is he going to regress?
Is he going to have services before he ages out in ten weeks?

What are we going to do now?
Where do we go?
Who is going to take over?
Who do I call? My EI coordinator? The company which she once worked for?
Well, I did both.
My EI Coordinator was as upset as I was, and felt like poor Andrew was being caught in the middle of a nasty situation.
I did call the company as well and spoke with both owners.
I expressed my concerns about Andrew's well-being.
I made it clear that this was all about Andrew and that was it.
I pleaded my case.
And then I got angry.

Why was I notified at 5:30pm on Wednesday, exactly six days before Andrew's last day with his therapist?
Why wasn't I notified sooner?
And why was I notified by a person who answers the phones instead of the owners?!
They knew for more than a week before I found out.
And it's not like my family is some fly-by-night group of people searching for therapy for our children.
We have been with this exact company for almost seven years!
Since Kaitlyn was four months old, for God's sake!
You would think that our "relationship" was a little more than the average person, right?
But after speaking with both of them, it dawned on me: the almighty dollar.
I don't see the "right" in this at all.
They appear to be sacrificing the well-being and progress of a child over money.
Granted, the economy is tough and everyone is struggling.
But to sacrifice a child for the sake of a dollar?
It's only ten weeks.
Thirty sessions.
Probably less, if you count the summer holidays, sick days, and vacations that will fall between now and August 15th.
Money is the root of all evil.

Yes, we are happy that our therapist is doing something new.
And yes, we are happy with the final decision that my husband and I came to.
It will be for the best for Andrew, and that is all that matters.
Will our paths cross again?
Yes, I can guarantee this one!
Will it be in a clinical setting?
That I do not know.
What I can say is that a very talented young lady made a huge difference in the lives of two little children.
My little children.
And people, in my opinion, that is all that matters.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Top Ten

10. An enjoyable, four day weekend, just the four of us!

9. Watching the kids find wonder in a sprinkler and water table on the driveway.

8. Kaitlyn graduating from Kindergarten! It was an amazing year!

7. Watching my daughter run and play with a slew of little girls at a birthday party!

6. Andrew is now limping. Even stumped the Peds Ortho doc!

5. Listening to Andrew's latest language explosion.

4. Listening to Kaitlyn imitate Andrew's new words.

3. Andrew's IEP Meeting that didn't go exactly as I planned.

2. Three cheers (?) for itinerant speech programs?

1. I love my kids!