Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Election Day: The Final Results

Before I get into all the details, I want to take a moment to THANK YOU all for your support after last week's Election Day incident.
Shortly after my post went live, I could almost immediately feel your love.

While very few people publicly commented on the blog post itself, my email inbox was inundated with private words of empathy and encouragement.

I had crying Moms writing to me.

I had mad Dads writing to me.

Teachers, therapists, and complete strangers offered their support.

I even had one gentleman tell me that "a Cubs fan would not have done this", referring to my love for the Chicago Cubs and that the election judge wore a Chicago White Sox sweatshirt.
Thank you, anonymous sir, for making me smile!

And yes, I had one person tell me that I was over-reacting.
But that's OK, because you were only exercising your amendment right and I respect that.

One week has passed has I am no longer licking my wounds.
My tears are dry.
I am smiling once again.
And more than anything, the love that I have for my children is greater than ever.
I am stronger than that evil man and he can not break me.
And all of you....your support, words of encouragement, and offers of help made me even stronger.
I belong to an amazing sorority/fraternity with you, and special needs families stick together in good times and bad.

Earlier today, I spoke with the same ladies at the County Clerk's Office.
Their attitude towards the events of that morning had not changed, and I could truly feel their sincerity on the phone.
Investigations are ongoing.
Fellow Election Judges confirmed the events as true.
Phone calls had been made and phone-tag has been played.
But I wanted them to know that this man violated me and my daughter in a way that an apology would not erase.
I wanted an example made of him and his actions so that other Election Judges would learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior and conduct.

And I got my wish.
Because 10 minutes after that morning conference call, I received another phone call from that same group of individuals.
And they told me that the man in question would NEVER serve as an Election Judge again.


Later that morning, a friend sent me this message:
"...That's the right decision! Remember anything you could have or would have said to him that day will not have the lasting effect that this consequence has. If you would have lectured him, he would have thought you were some "crazy special needs parent", but this decision came from his supervisors who clearly sent a message that his actions have consequences!"

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  1. After reading this post, I skipped down to read what happened to you and your daughter. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am actually quite appalled that someone would actually do what this man did. It is heartbreaking when such insensitivity is directed at our children. I will keep you in my prayers so you can have complete healing and peace over this situation. I am glad there were consequences to his actions.

  2. I love the happy ending to the horrific drama you experienced. I'm SO glad Sox isn't going to serve as an election judge any more! Amen!!!