Monday, April 18, 2011

50 Ways To Support Your Child's Special Education

IEPs get all the attention, but there are things you can do every day to support your child's special education that make all the difference between success and frustration.

Parents have the power.

You want your child to have the best of everything -- especially education.
But you may not even know where to begin, given the often confusing and ever-changing landscape of special education.
The Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) are complicated -- but in "50 Ways to Support Your Child''s Special Education," you'll find simple ways to advocate for your child every day. You'll learn how to:

+ Communicate effectively with teachers
+ Get the most value from homework
+ Become more involved at school
+ Ensure your child is well-rested
+ Start a school day on the right foot

Advocacy starts at home, with you and your child.
You don't have to take a backseat or take on the school district, the state, or the lawmakers to improve your child's learning experience.
With these easy and effective tips, you can make a difference in your child's life, each and every day.

Author Terri Mauro is the Guide to Parenting Special Needs Children and the author of "The Everything Parent's Guide to Sensory Integration."
Her humorous website, Mothers With Attitude, on which she shares many of her special education strategies and struggles, has been named a USA Today Hot Site and a Good Housekeeping Site of the Day.
Mrs. Mauro serves on her school district's special education parent advisory committee, and has been trained to help other parents through the IEP process.
She also has a dozen years of experience shepherding her own two children through the special education system.

You can find the "50 Ways" Facebook Page here.
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