Friday, April 15, 2011

My Awesome Find!

Even though we just had Kate's IEP Meeting in January, we are calling another one in the coming weeks.
Yes, we are unhappy with some of the programming.
And now that I have had a meeting as well as ample time to read and re-read the current IEP, I feel that it doesn't reflect my daughter's needs.
Not the entire IEP.
Just the speech and academic portions.

But when you go online for info, there is so much out there and so much to try and comprehend and digest.
We have already consulted with both an advocate and an attorney, so we know that we have valid points and a darn good reason to call another meeting.
Plus, I would prefer that the current team rewrite the IEP sections that I am concerned about before the next school year rolls around because I really don't want to have to train a whole new team.
More importantly, it would not be fair to them to clean up the mess from one member of the current team.

Can you tell that she has not scored points with me at all???
She talks a good talk, but I was action and I don't see it.
A new, revised IEP will force action.
So I found this awesome book.
It's like OMG awesome, and it answers all of my questions.

"Your special needs child needs a special education, and as a parent, you face a number of obstacles as you work with your school district to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) - lots of steps, complicated paperwork, and intimidating procedures may seem like too much to take on...

...but you can do it! Let The Complete IEP Guide guide you through this complex process with vital information, strategies, and the encouragement you need to secure your child's education. Get everything you need to:

*understand your child's rights
*untangle eligibility rules and assessments
*collect all school records
*draft goals and objectives
*pinpoint specific problems
*develop a blueprint of program and services
*research school programs and alternatives
*prepare for IEP meetings
*resolve disputes with your school district

Whether you're new to the IEP process or entering it once again, this user-friendly, plain English guide is your outline for an effective educational experience for your child. You'll get all the forms, sample letters, and resources that you could possibly need at any stage of the IEP process.

The 7th edition is completely updated to reflect the latest -- and major -- changes to federal regulations concerning your special education student, including details about your child's eligibility for special education services."
Click here for more info and to order!

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  1. Just ordered a copy, thank you SO much! I feel like we have an "ok" IEP and I have received 4 forest's worth of paperwork/data but I just don't feel my son is making appropriate progress. And I don't know how to "prove" that. Maybe I just found the answer! Thanks Pattie, you're awesome!

  2. while this book is good a better option:
    the wrightslaw library- NOTHING BEATS them!

    pat (mom of a child with apraxia)

  3. I wish all parents had your interest and knowledge in their child's education. I am a former special education teacher, and I can tell you that not one of the hundreds of parents I have met with in an IEP meeting have ever even questioned anything they have been persented with!