Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Email exchanges with the school staff which exposed substandard work by select few. That is a shame!

9. Getting the appropriate homework for Kaitlyn....homework that should have been sent home from Day #1 and not the end of the school year.

8. A nice phone call and a potential plan with our Ophthalmologist last week.

7. Kaitlyn understanding what her surgical plan may be.

6. Kaitlyn moving up a level in swim lessons. The breast stroke will be difficult for a child with a motor planning issue.

5. Planning to call an IEP Meeting to rewrite goals.

4. A mad Dad. Enough said!

3. Andrew exhibiting signs of right ear issues. Yes, I knew this was a possibility.

2. Continued progress with both kids in speech.

1. I love my kids!

1 comment:

  1. Goodness, you have your plate full! I hope things calm down soon, though I suspect you're going to be a busy mama all the way through July.

    Do they think Andrew has a permanent hearing loss in his right ear? I hope not!