Monday, May 23, 2011

A Blog Giveaway!

Need a fresh, great way to stimulate speech and language in your little one?
Feeling like you have run out of ideas?
Well, have no fear!
Do I have a blog giveaway for you!

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Meet Teri Kaminski Peterson, author of "The Big Book of Exclamations".

The Big Book of Exclamations is an educational book written by speech pathologist Teri Kaminski Peterson, SLP-CCC and has been designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds and words.

Perfect, isn't it?
The breath of fresh air that you needed right now!
I can attest that I found it to be the perfect addition to my home speech therapy for both of my children.

But unlike most books, it doesn't have a story to read.
You are the story.
You are the animator.
The book is just the perfect foundation for you to build with!
And each time that you read the book with your child, it will be different.
If your child is anything like mine, they have memorized our books.
There is no longer that element of surprise.

This book is different.

Why, you ask?
Because along the bottom of each page there are prompts which teach parents/caregivers how to act out the illustrations and interact using gestures, sounds, words, or phrases depending on their child's ability.
The book shows parents how to modify what they say about each illustration in order to maximize their child's communication potential.
It is also filled with information which helps parents understand speech language development and it lists resources for those seeking advice.
I consider it a wonderful book for young children with typical speech development and those considered "late talkers".

Yes, you can act super-silly with your child each and every time!

But before using this book, it is very important to understand how it works, otherwise you may be confused.

This twenty-four page book does not have a typical "story" to read to a child.
Instead, there are tips at the beginning of the book that teach parents how to modify what they say about each illustration in order to maximize their child's ability to participate verbally during "story time".
In addition, scattered throughout the illustrations the reader will find fun "exclamations", words, and phrases they can choose to use as they teach their child to imitate sounds, words, and phrases.
This will allow you to use basic speech and language stimulation strategies that entice children to respond and talk at a variety of developmental levels.

The ultimate goal is for parents/caregivers to feel successful as they help their child learn to talk and have fun with books.
And we all know how literacy and speech are so intertwined!
The Big Book of Exclamations demonstrates a new, different way to use books - a way which promotes active participation, shared attention, turn taking, communication, and genuine love!

"The front of the book features several pages of instructions and tips for using the book effectively and for keeping young children's attention and reinforcing their verbalizations. At the end of the book, readers find information about typical child development and advice for parents who are wondering about their children's communication skills."

Ms. Peterson has been so gracious to donate one copy of this book for me to give to ONE of you!
So who is interested in owning a copy of this incredible book?

To Enter:
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3. Leave a message on this blog post. Sorry, no anonymous entries will be accepted.

Winner will be chosen by at random and will be contacted by e-mail.
Please leave valid email addresses.
If there is no response in 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.
Sorry, but there will be no P.O. Box winners.

This giveaway is for US Residents only. It will start today (Monday, May 23, 2011) and end on Tuesday May 24, 2011 at 12:00 noon CST.

Good luck!

You can find out more about Teri Kaminski Peterson and her book on her website or her Facebook page.

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  1. I'd love to be entered! My 4yo son has speech apraxia, and my 2yo son is in the midst of language explosion. Both of them would love to 'read' this book to me, I'm sure!


    P.S. Already a fan on FB :)

  2. I follow you on twitter and RT

  3. I like your Facebook page
    sadiebeery at hotmail dot com

  4. My three year old love to "read" the story pictures and would like this book.
    sadiebeery at hotmail dot com

  5. This would be a great book for me to have as part of my lending library...especially for parents who are unsure or need some confidence to do this at home :) My youngest son has Apraxia, and I am sure this would greatly benefit him as well!!!

    And, I do also follow you on FB...

  6. Ooo! I've been looking at getting that book for some time! Will (my son with Apraxia) would love to go through it. Since his speech is really beginning to come he'd love to shout out the sounds. I'm sure my little girl would enjoy it as well.

    And, I've been a follower for some time.

  7. Would love to win ;) Always looking for new ideas to use with my little one!

  8. I would love a chance to win this! what a great giveway! :) it would be wonderful not only for my five year old with Autism and Speech Apraxia but my other two children as well! :)

    PS: I am a follower on facebook as well (Kari Smith)

  9. Always looking for new materials to use for Nea! Thanks!