Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bugs Be Gone!

So I get a phone call on Tuesday from the Outpatient Surgical Center for Andrew's surgery.
She asks all the health questions.
I answer all the health questions.
Then she tells me "We will call you on Thursday to let you know what time to bring Andrew to the surgical center for his tube placement".


Um, not cool.
Because this Mama's gut told her to listen to her little boy's raspy voice a little closer this morning.
And this Mama's gut told her to call the pediatrician to get him checked over a bit before his surgery on Friday.

And this Mama's gut was right.
Then again, isn't it always?
Because not only does the little boy have yet another right ear infection, he also has strep throat.


So he is on yet another antibiotic.
And surgery has been postponed from this Friday to next Friday.
And I need a vacation.
Or Valium.
Or both.
Oh, and did I mention that I don't have a babysitter for Kaitlyn now.
Any takers out there?
I guess I will have to pull her out of school that day and take her with us.
HEY! I can make it a learning experience for her!
"Road Trip to the Surgical Center" Day!

I still need that Valium.
And a vacation.
Or both.

Please go away, bugs.

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  1. SO frustrating! At least the surgery is only put off by a week and wasn't rescheduled for next month - but it is still FRUSTRATING! I hope Andrew heals up quickly and gets those tubes in quickly to prevent more infections!

  2. Oh No! Hope Andrew starts feeling better quickly...actually, since it's Friday and I'm just now reading it, hope he feels better NOW!