Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Giveaway and a Top Ten!

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Now, onto the Top Ten...

10. Andrew's successful PE tube surgery on Friday.

9. Dear Recovery Room nurses from Andrew's surgery: I am sorry that he beat you up. Please excuse the post-operative delirium. Thanks, Mom.

8. Coming home to find a listless Kaitlyn on the couch with a Grandma that tried all she could to keep her fever down.

7. A narrowly-averted hospital admission.

6. Rocephin and Dexamethasone: how I love ye!

5. Andrew spiking a fever to 101.5-102.6 just two days post-op. Thanks to either (A) some fluke, (B) something viral, or (C) big sister's strep/tonsillitis infection.

4. Missing the 1st grade trip to the zoo. Sorry, baby.

3. Prepping for Kaitlyn's surgery this Friday. Prayers welcome. Thanks.

2. Hoping this will all be behind us very soon.

1. I LOVE my kids!

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  1. How long does Kaitlyn have to be fever-free to be able to have surgery? Here's praying that she gets better very soon so the surgery can continue as planned.