Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mappy Mother's Day!

I received this email from a friend.
Someone who has become a very good friend of mine.
And because of what she had written to me (and several other Moms), I chose to share her email with you all!

Happy Mothers’ Day.

I have come to a very simple and profound conclusion. We ROCK.

You need ANYTHING? A hug, advice, kind word, unquestioned support, child care, place to sleep, humor, time to cry and shoulder to cry on, recipe, ride home, bail money?
Who you gonna call?
Another Mom.

When you’re down…so far down that you don’t really recognize yourself … who is it that:
(1.) notices
(2.) calls to check in on you
(3.) brings you alcohol?
Yup, it’s another Mom.

When life just really messes with you…. and you are shaken to the core, who is it that helps you find your way back?
The only person qualified is, of course, another Mom.

And when you are on top of the world, so full of joy that you could almost burst, who is it that can truly celebrate with you?
Who can relish in your accomplishments without the need to compete or diminish your success?
Whose words of “Congratulations” or “I am proud of you” really takes your breath away?
Another Mom.

On Sunday, I will celebrate myself because I’ve been proudly and gratefully playing the role of “Mom”. I will also, however, celebrate that each of you are in my life.
In all sincerity, you have touched my heart, and I am a better woman for knowing you.

On Sunday, I celebrate us. Because we rock HUGE!

Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

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