Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Of Prisms and Tubes

Yet another trip to the Optho today.
He is happy with Kate's glasses.
He is happy that she is happy with them.
It's nice when everyone is happy, isn't it?

But today he rained on her happy parade and added prisms to her glasses.
Prisms to fine tune things for the next two weeks before we head into surgery for her revision of the muscle surgery which she had 4 years ago.

But why prisms, you ask?
Prism lenses are necessary to aid in getting the eyes to work together.
One or both eyes tend to pull up, down, to the left, or to the right.
The use of prism in the lenses tricks the brain into thinking the eyes are working together by shifting the image only slightly up, down, left, or right.

They really aren't obvious unless you are really looking at her glasses and are studying them.
They are only a couple of millimeters thick, and they have vertical lines.
They blur her vision a bit, so that makes her mad.
But it's only for two weeks until we see him again.

And then there is Andrew.
Andrew needs tubes in his ears.
Yes, he has tubes and they are the original tubes from almost two years ago.
But that darned right one fell out and then he got two ear infections in two months and his tympanogram sucked big time today.

So he is getting new tubes on May 20th.
Yes, 10 days from now.
I chose that day because there is no school.
Good planning, huh?
This way, he won't miss anything in school and will be right as rain on Monday to go back.

Tubes and Prisms, prisms and tubes.
My life is so colorful lately, isn't it????
Yes, this will be behind us soon.

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  1. It always seems that everything comes at once! We seem to go for a while with "smooth sailing," and then a flurry of appointments will hit us out of nowhere! I hope Andrew's tube surgery goes smoothly on the 20th, and that Kate's surgery is also VERY smooth. You are going to be happy once June arrives, I am sure!