Friday, May 27, 2011

Praying and Strength

I am currently driving to the hospital for my son's surgery.
Well, I'm not driving.
My husband is the designated driver.
Which is a good thing.

I am a nervous mess right now.

And while Andrew's surgery is minor (ear tubes) it is still surgery with general anesthesia and all the risks that come with it.

And while we are at the surgical center with the boy, Grandma is at home with the sick girl.

Yes, I said "sick girl".

Kaitlyn came home from school yesterday with a fever of 103 degrees and she has not dropped below 102 degrees in 12 hours.

Currently she is 103.8.

And she is supposed to have her surgery NEXT Friday for tonsils/adenoids and eye muscle revision.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I am just asking for prayers and strength.


  1. We are with you and all your family.

  2. Seriously - Kate can't get a break! Feel better soon, Kaitlyn! Saying lots of prayers for Andrew today - here's to one surgery done and out of the way, and a quick recovery with NO more ear infections!

  3. Hope the surgery went well. Poor little girl! Hope she gets well soon so she can have her surgery next week.

  4. Hope all is well! Thoughts and prayers to you...