Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andrew's Monkey Wrench

As I left my meeting with school Administration, I hopped into my car and headed home.
I immediately put the meeting in the back of my head and focused on something bigger at that moment: Andrew.

For the last two days, I had noticed that Andrew's voice was getting very hoarse and raspy.
Big sis Kaitlyn has allergies, so I figured he did, too.
However, the allergy med that we were using for him didn't seem to address the raspy voice.
He was also irritable.
And has appetite was poor.
And he had woken in the night twice already this week.
He didn't have a fever, loose stools, vomiting, or any other symptom.
Something was amiss, but I wasn't sure.
So I called our pediatrician and asked if they could see Andrew later that morning.

I picked him up from school and he seemed "normal", demanding that he video be turned on to the latest Leapfrog DVD in the car video system.
But instead of turning right to go home, I kept going straight.
And Andrew knew that I was up to something.

"Go this way!" as he pointed to the right, the way to our house.
Yes, the kid has a great sense of direction for being only 3.
As I kept driving straight, he knew exactly where we were going: the doctor.
Fortunately, both of my children love the doctors in our group.
In the office, I told Dr. J what was going on with Andrew and the symptoms I was seeing: atypical for Andrew.
She checked him out and he flirted with her in typical Andrew-style.

"Yes, his throat is pretty red and he has some post-nasal drip, too."
Whew! Allergies...just as I thought!
"Let's do a quick throat culture just to make sure."
I sat back in my chair and played on my phone as I waited for the culture to come back.
I knew it was going to be negative.

"Well, Mom. It is soooo positive" Dr J said with a compassionate smile.

I sat up so quickly, not believing my ears!
Andrew was supposed to be having surgery in three days!
Can they do surgery to replace PE tubes if he has strep?
She advised me to call our ENT and ask his opinion, as she said she would cancel the surgery and postpone to another date.

I walked out of the office shaking my head.
There's got to be a reason for this, right?
Maybe there's a reason why we shouldn't be in surgery this week?
Maybe it's a sign of some sort?
I called the ENT and the nurse said that the surgeon was "OK with doing the surgery but was leaving it up to me to decide".

Leaving it up to me?
I immediately listened to my gut instinct and my heart: cancel the surgery.
We would postpone it for one week.
I put Andrew down for an afternoon nap and I cried.
How much more can I take?
Fighting with school staff, rewriting an IEP, meeting with Administration...can I please get a break over here?
Can my kids get a break for a change?

So surgery was postponed one week.
That was one more week of me counting down the days.
Seven more days.
I was getting weaker and weaker emotionally, and I wasn't sure how much more was it going to take to make me break.

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  1. Stay strong, Pattie! You are an incredible mom. Know that God will not give you anymore than you can handle. We are thinking about you! ((hugs))

  2. I am glad you listened to your gut. I have raised four children, one with multiple disablilites and, from trial and error, I am a HUGE believer in parental instinct.

    There is a reason this all happened as it did. You may understand why in the near future, or you may never know. It doesn't really matter. You made a good decision, so please don't second guess yourself.

  3. It's probably a good thing you postponed the surgery. Sorry that it's been 'pouring' by you. *hug*