Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesome Follow Up Appts...And Attitude

On Tuesday, we headed out to the ENT office for final follow-up appointments for both kids after their recent surgeries.
Andrew went first.
His newly replaced right ear tube looked awesome!
And, even better, he rocked his tympanogram with a 6.2 result!


Pre-op, his tympanogram was 0.4.
This basically translates to NO MOVEMENT in relation to sound in that little eardrum of his.
I don't have parameters that I can post for you to reference as each result varies from person to person.
However, the audiologist almost did a cartwheel when she said "6.2"!!!

I'll take that as AWESOME!

Then it was Kaitlyn's turn.
Um, I stand corrected.
That's "MS. KAITLYN" to you.

Yep, her attitude is back.
Yep, she is back to baseline.
Yep, she is healed 100%.
Yep, the ENT was very happy with her recovery.

Too bad he couldn't resect that 'tude you see in the photo when he took out the tonsils and adenoids, huh?

And the best part of the appointment?
The end, when the ENT told me "You don't need to come back unless there are problems."

Thanks for fixing my kids, and thanks for being such an awesome doc, but it would be nice to scratch your name off my list for a while!

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  1. Good news is always welcome, right?!
    I don't blame Ms. Kaitlyn for having attitude. I kinda feel the same way in ANY doctor's office. :)

  2. Glad to hear the children are doing well.
    I'm with Ms Kaitlyn on the attitude too. Hope you can enjoy the summer!