Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Her Temperature Was Only 98 degrees..."

That was the message that I received from Kaitlyn's school one Thursday a couple of weeks ago.

98 degrees.
That's an oral temp.
Kaitlyn has never done an oral temp before.
That is why it only registered at 98 degrees.
She doesn't know how to do that.
Because I am one of those "bend-over-this-is-the-only-type-of-temp-I-will-take-on-my-kids-because-it-is-the-most-accurate-body-temp-" kind of Mom/Nurse.
And I will do it that way until they are 35.
Well, maybe not that old, but you get my point.

But when I picked her up from school at 3:20pm, she looked wilted.
She started crying.
"I don't feel good, Mom."
"I don't want to see Miss M for speech today."


Yes, I did take her to see Miss M for speech that day.
Miss M saw her and Kaitlyn actually agreed to work for 30 minutes.
Later that evening, my Mom came over so that we could take Andrew out for dinner before his surgery the next day.
I wanted to fill his belly up pretty good since he was going to be NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight and wouldn't be eating until sometime the next afternoon.
Andrew wanted pancakes, so we headed to IHOP.
It was only a 10 minute drive from my house to the restaurant, but Kate fell asleep before we got there.

That should have been the first clue that she was feeling worse than I thought.

In the restaurant, Kate sat there, mouth open and drooling, looking like she wanted to pass out.
Then she fell asleep on my Mom's lap....as my Mom was eating her omelet.

That should have been the second slap to the head for me that something was not right with my little chick-a-dee.

Another 10 minute drive back to my house and she was out cold in the car.
As we walked into the house, I can feel the heat coming through her fleece sweatshirt.
She begged to go to bed.
It was 6:10pm.
I walked her upstairs and helped her get dressed for bed.
But not until I took her temperature...

103.6 degrees!

Andrew is having surgery in the morning.
Kaitlyn is supposed to have surgery in just 8 days.
My Mom was spending the night so that we could take Andrew for surgery and she could take Kaitlyn to school.
Well, Kaitlyn is staying home from school.
And I still have to take Andrew in for his surgery (PE tubes) in the morning.
And now I have to leave my Mom with my sick little girl and a fever over 103 degrees.

Guess who is not sleeping tonight?
And just wait until you hear what happens next!

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