Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miss Penguin

My son is smitten, once again.
With another teacher.
Last year, it was Miss F.

"Andrew, who did you play with at school?"

"Miss F."

"Andrew, who did you sit with at snacktime?"

"Miss F."

Yes, he LOVED his teacher.
And yes, so did his Mama!

But now he is enrolled in ESY, and he is once again smitten with a summer teacher.
Miss Penguin.
Her name is not really Miss Penguin, and I am not going to disclose her real name because I don't do that when it comes to teachers and therapists on this blog.
But it sounds similar to it.
Gotta give my boy credit for approximating her name so well.

But it's the same song and dance:
"Andrew, who did you play with in school today?"

"Miss Penguin"

"Andrew, who did you sit with at snacktime today?"

"Miss Penguin."

Yes, my boy loves his teachers!

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  1. Definitely a good thing when you're child likes his teacher!