Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post-Op Days #1, #2, and #3

I am closing in on real-time!
I only have a few more posts and I think I will be caught up...whew!
I really need to get caught up and into real time!
Kaitlyn's story continues, and we have now entered the post-operative phase.
The phase that I was dreading almost as much as the procedure itself.
Our first night at home was rough, I won't lie.
She wanted me close by at all times.
That meant a quick trip to the potty for Mom bordered a near catastrophic meltdown from the girl...because I walked away from her for a moment.
Nights were the worst, and I promised Kaitlyn that she could sleep in my bed as she continued to recover.
Sorry, Dad.

But I didn't sleep very much, as my recovering girl was quite loud.
Gurgling on excess secretions and mucous in the back of her throat.
Whimpering and moaning in discomfort.
Mouth breathing.

Waking every two hours to go to the bathroom and to drink a couple of ounces of liquid.
Waking every four hours for pain medications.
Waking every six hours for eye drops for her surgically repaired lazy eye.

I was awake all night..for many nights.

Post-op Day #1: Saturday
We were getting a visitor today: Home Health Nursing.
Our wonderful ENT surgeon suggested that we consider this option and I was so glad that we did.
For three consecutive days, Home Health Nursing would come to our home and administer 750ml of intravenous fluids through Kaitlyn's IV.
I firmly believe that this is what really helped us the most.
Although Kaitlyn was drinking, I am sure that she wasn't' getting the optimal amount that I could possible push on her.
Each infusion lasted two hours, and Kaitlyn enjoyed having her "own nurse" come to see her.
As if I wasn't sufficient, Kate?
Thanks, kid!

After HHN left on Day #1, I needed to give my girl a bath.
She smelled.
She smelled like sweat and she smelled very medicinal like the surgical waiting area.
I knew that her tolerance for a long activity would be low, so I made it as quick as possible.
And this is what happened:

She passed out cold for two hours!
That night was a repeat of the first night.
More gurgling, snoring, moaning and whimpering.
And no sleep for Mom.

Post-op Day #2: Sunday
It was the same.
No different than Saturday, to be honest with you.
Home Health Nursing came by late in the morning for her IV fluid infusion.
I took her outside for a while to get some fresh air.
The weather here in Chicagoland was warm, but comfortable for June.
We sat outside in chairs on the driveway in silence.
I didn't want to force her to do anything but breathe fresh air.
Well, I did try to push some Pediasure on her, but three sips was all I could get out of her.
And she did listen to one Lady GaGa song, but that's about all she could handle.
You could see her IV taped down on her right wrist and arm.
I was doing everything that I could to baby that IV so we didn't have to start another one on her.

Then it was back to the couch.

Post-op Day #3: Monday
Still the same.
I felt like I was just hitting "play-rewind-stop-play" over and over.
Co-sleeping was never something that I did with my children when they were babies.
I was too afraid to do that.
They slept in a bassinet next to my bed.
But Kate was too big for a bassinet, so co-sleeping was the next option.
I couldn't have let her sleep in her own bed anyway.
That was just too far away from me and for me to hear her.

Home Health Nursing came by for the third and final day.
You can see that Kaitlyn is a bit more perky today, even sitting up on the couch and watching TV!
Her pain was pretty well controlled with the medicine that we were prescribed.
But she would usually start getting irritable around 30-45 minutes before the next dose was due.
She had become the master of the remote control!
Yes, she was in charge of everything that we watched!
And let me tell you, Cailou's voice got on my last nerve!

Tomorrow would be our first day to venture out of the house and further than the driveway.
We had our post-op visit with the Optho surgeon.
That story comes next......

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