Friday, June 17, 2011

Spirituality: There's an App for That!

There is no doubt that my faith in God has helped me through many rough bumps in the road of special needs that we travel.

No doubt.

And even in some of the darkest times, I can always find a rainbow somewhere.
Yesterday was no different.
Yesterday was the "Meet-and-Greet" for both of my kids for ESY (Extended School Year).
I am blessed that both of my children enjoy school and the social interactions that they get from it.
And for the last two weeks, Andrew has missed school terribly.
Kaitlyn has been too busy recovering from surgery to miss school, so I will cut her some slack.
So as we drove to Andrew's school first, I could see in my rear view mirror that Kate was starting to wilt.
When I asked her what was wrong, she said "I am sick."
This recovery has really been hard on her.
Her energy is low.
She has little to no appetite.
And she seems a tad withdrawn.

And while Andrew skipped into school and said a cheerful "HI!" to his new summer school teachers, my little Kate looked sad.
And that made me sad.
After Andrew's event, we headed over to Kaitlyn's school.
Her teacher this summer will be the same teacher as last school year, Miss M.
Kate loves Miss M!
Technically, we didn't have to go to her Meet-and-Greet because Kaitlyn knows her teacher.
But I thought it would be some good medicine for Kate to see her and her school.
Maybe it would perk her up a bit?

She was quiet, withdrawn, and spoke in a mouse-like voice.
I was deflated.
I thought for sure that this would be the spark we needed for Kaitlyn to get over this post-surgical hump.
It didn't.

As we walked back to the car, I checked my phone and received an email that was certainly a rainbow in this blah morning.
A man named Gary had sent me an email about a religious app for an iPad and if I was interested in it.

I would be totally interested in it, had I owned an iPad.
But I don't, believe it or not.
Unfortunately, an iPad is a luxury item for me right now, and we have two huge surgery bills to pay for out-of-pocket since we went out-of-network.
But that was our decision, and we are fine with that decision.

But the app is called "Wee Pray---Pray With Me", was developed by Dawn Kempf, and it is something that I am sure many of you would like!

"Are there times you miss your child’s bedtime prayer?
Date Night?
Do you work a different shift?
Travel for business?
Share custody?
Are your Grandchildren in another state?
Are you deployed away from your family?
Are you already at work before your children awaken?

Wee Pray - Pray with Me allows you to record special
prayers or messages for your child to play when you
aren’t available.

Prayers and messages are easily emailed to other Wee
Pray - Pray with Me owners. Grandma and Grandpa can
easily pick their favorite photo, record their messages and
email it right to you."

It's really a great app!
Thanks, Gary and Dawn, for being that little rainbow that I needed yesterday!

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  1. Pattie,

    We both want to thank you for this nice post. I can't wait to put it on Facebook and on my blog. I'll even tweet it.
    Remember to contact me when you get your iPad.

    Thank you again,
    Dawn and Gary of Dawn K Apps