Friday, July 15, 2011


Apps for Children With Special Needs.

Simple as that.


If you have an iPad, you need to go to this site.
If you have an iPad and a child with special needs, you need to go to this site.
Gary James, founder of A4CWSN, puts it best when he says this:

"Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) is committed to helping the families and carers of children with special needs and the wider community of
educators and therapists who support them, by producing videos that demonstrate
how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really
work from a user perspective. Our aim is that these videos, along with relevant
information and advice from an independent source you can trust, provides
valuable insight into whether a product is suitable for its intended purpose or
not, enabling sensible buying decisions to be made. We hope this site and its
content provides a valuable resource to the community that serves our precious
children with special needs."

Now, I don't own an iPad, but I find these apps absolutely amazing!
But the founder is even more amazing.
A father of six (two with special needs) Gary is well aware of what it is like to live the life of special needs.
Because of this, he puts his heart, soul and energy into each of his reviews.
And what is amazing about Gary and his A4CWSN site is that he takes you through each app that he profiles on his site and walks you through it.
Basically, you can see what you are buying before you buy it!

And now, Gary is embarking on an amazing journey "50 iPads. 50 States. 50 Children With Special Needs" campaign.
By teaming with developers and businesses, Gary hopes to deliver one iPad to one special needs child in each state.
Fifty lives changed forever.
For more information on this campaign, click here.

You can also find Gary and A4CWSN on Facebook and Twitter.

Gary James.
50 lives changed forever.

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