Monday, July 11, 2011

A "Dino-Mite" Giveaway!

At last...Monday Product Reviews and Giveaways are back!
(And the crowds go wild!!!)

And today, I have a humongous giveaway for ONE of you!

Dino Cave Kids' Sounds From the Dino Cave: The Complete Set has got to be one of the best CD sets that I have ever used.
These educational DVDs for your use at home can help your child with:
*early talking
*pre-reading skills
*English language learning
*speech and special needs

Dino Cave Kids: Sounds from the Dino Cave is a series of nine DVDs.
Each DVD is anywhere from 30-45 minutes each, making them perfect for a quick speech lesson supplement at home or in the car or a doctor's office waiting room!
Multisensory techniques are used to help kids recognize and create different speech sounds.

Each of the nine DVDs targets specific sound groups:
•Volume 1: M, P, and B
•Volume 2: W, H, and Y
•Volume 3: N, T, and D
•Volume 4: K, Q, G, and Ng
•Volume 5: F and V
•Volume 6: S and Z
•Volume 7: L and R
•Volume 8: Ch and J
•Volume 9: Sh, Zh, Th, and Th

Dino Cave Kids uses strategies to enhance neurological processing of auditory, speech and language skills:
•Using multisensory input
•Visually supporting auditory stimuli
•Targeting skills in context relevant to kids' experience
•Allowing extra processing time
•Using music to engage the whole brain
•Using short learning segments to increase accuracy

When I sat down to watch one of the videos with my own children, I immediately took note of the bright, vivid colors and how each of the dinosaurs interacted with each other and the viewer.

Then there is Miss Kylie...oh, she is awesome!
You will see her a lot on these videos giving verbal, visual and auditory prompts to the viewer as to the correct mouth position for the specific sound.
Close-up shots of her mouth also allow the viewer to imitate correctly.
At one point, I heard her say "Feel your lips touching" as she was cuing the viewer to make the /m/ sound.

Here is what I really liked about these videos:

1.) The producers used real-life pictures as examples of the sound which they were focused on, not just flash cards or cartoons like other products use.
Why not use examples from your child's real world!

2.) Sign language examples were also Incorporated throughout the video, but only where appropriate.

3.) Voices of children were used throughout the videos. My own children responded very well to this!

4.) Identification of beginning, medial and final sound was also explored.

5.) Syllables were taught in easy ways both visually (dino eggs on the screen) and auditorily (clapping sound) simultaneously.

6.) Rhyming segment which allowed time for the child to repeat what they heard.

Each DVD is anywhere from 30-45 minutes in length, and you have the option of choosing the entire lesson or from one of several sub-lessons if you are pressed for time.

Below is an example of what you will see on these great videos:
(Please scroll to the bottom right column of this blog to "pause" my embedded music prior to watching the following video example. Thank you!)

Their website has tabs specifically geared towards the child, parent, SLP, or teacher.

This complete set typically retails for $149.00.
For the summer only, you can purchase it for $99.00.
But today, thanks to the wonderful people over at Dino Cave Kids, ONE WINNER can have this entire DVD set for FREE!

Now, here is what you need to do to enter:
1.) Become a fan of my Facebook page and leave a comment. If you are already a fan of my page, your comment will be your entry.

2.) Become a follower of my Twitter page and "retweet" my promotion of this giveaway. Again, if you are already a follower, your "retweet" will be your entry.

3.) Leave a comment on this blog post. Please make sure that you have a valid email address.

4.) Go to theDino Cave Kids Facebook page and "LIKE" them, too. You must also leave a message on their page that you heard of this giveaway from Apraxia Mom!

5.) Become a follower of Dino Cave Kids on Twitter.

You may enter all 5 ways to increase your chance of winning!

Contest begins on Monday, July 11th and ends on Tuesday, July 12th at 12:00 noon (CST).

Winner will be chosen by at random and will be contacted by e-mail and announced on my Facebook page.
Please leave valid email addresses.
If there is no response in 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.
Sorry, but there will be no P.O. Box winners.

This giveaway is for US Residents only.

And a HUGE Thank You to Dino Cave Kids for allowing me to review your great product!
(Note: For you legal folks out there, please see my "Disclaimer" tab on the top of my blog for further information about products in my reviews and giveaways.)

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  1. Email: frugal (dot) omma (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I'd love to win this for my 4 yo daughter with Apraxia

  3. I really hope someone gets a lot of use out of that program: it looks fabulous! Way to help others out, Pattie!

  4. This looks like a great tool to help with my son! Can't wait to find out who is the winner. Amber Bedord.

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    Can you write a blog about tweeting? lol!
    I have no idea how to do it!
    Will share on as many sites as I can ;)

  7. Would love to win for my 3 yr old son with apraxia. Thanks for the give way.

  8. My daughter would benefit from these videos. Great product!!
    sadiebeery at hotmail dot com

  9. These look amazing! I bet my daugheter would love them. Thanks for all the amazing products you share info about. I've gotten so many great ideas from you to help my sweet little girl

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  15. This looks like a great product! I loved your review and seeing the sample video for myself was really helpful. Hope I win for my two Apraxic kiddos :)

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  19. My 2.5 yo son has apraxia and we've just started PROMPT therapy - I notice the videos align with the stages of the PROMPT therapy!

  20. Dino Cave Kids Facebook page was sent a friend request with a personal note thanking them of this giveaway

  21. @Christigpa now follows Dino Cave Kids on Twitter

  22. I'll comment here and on your facebook page so I can help get the word out. The therapist who developed this program happens to by my child's SLP (apraxia and Down Syndrome) This program is awesome! Ethan works so hard for her when he uses these CD's, and they address so much more than just articulation. Listening, motor planning, sequencing. I highly recommend Dino Cave Kids.