Friday, July 29, 2011

The Nuts and Bolts of the IEP (and a Slip-n-Slide)

Please don't think that I am trying to rush summer.
I'm not.
Now that ESY is over, the kids and I have 23 days of summer fun left for frolicking and mischief.
But when I come across something this cool, I can't keep it to myself.
And this is yet another great resource that I must share with you!

How many of you really understand that political mumbo-jumbo stack of papers that is plopped in front of you when you annually meet with your child's team to discuss progress and plan for the next year?

Click here for the A-B-C version and you should fret no more!

Now if you would excuse me, I have two anxious kiddos and a slip-and-slide that needs conquering!

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  1. Very cool! I am so glad we are done with Nolan's IEP "stuff" for the whole year. I always get stressed out when IEP time rolls around! I hope you guys have fun on the Slip N Slide!