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Positive Behavior Giveaway!

Children learn from our attitudes, actions and reactions.
The way we communicate with, and around, children has a great impact.
However, the pressure of modern day life can make it difficult to remember to act positively - our attention can often be elsewhere, our voices raised and we can be quick to focus on the negative.

Enter The Victoria Chart Company!

The Victoria Chart Company™ was founded in 2004 by Victoria Ballard.
Like any parent who wants the best for their child, Victoria wanted to do all that she could for her two children, particularly, her son who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months.
Victoria discovered that a reward system she developed worked fabulously well for her children.
It built their self-esteem helping them to become confident and, most importantly, proud of their progress.
The system worked so well that she has dedicated her time to creating tools for parents and professionals to help children and their families realise the power of developmental progress that comes from the simple process of Encourage & Praise™.

Today, The Victoria Chart Company™ is internationally recognized and is a specialist in creating products for positive development in children.
Victoria and her team continue to research and develop new products for parents, carer givers and professionals to help children succeed.

By using the Encourage and Praise charts, you and your child will:
• set goals to encourage both adult and child to work together;
• provide a visual tool from which families can see progress and feel good about achievement;
• and, act as a reminder and a focal point for all to work from.

As a result, use of the Encourage & Praise charts allow children to:
• see how well they are doing;
• feel good about their progress;
• build great self-esteem;
• and, repeat their positive actions.

The charts are very simple to use and gives your child the visual that they need to see how well their positive behaviors produce positive results!
Making their bed, eating fruits and vegetables that day, doing their homework, even brushing their teeth will allow them to gain stars for their chart.
The more stars they get, the better the reward!

At the bottom of the wipe-away chart are three reward levels: bronze, silver and gold.
Knowing very well that all kids (as adults) have bad days, they should not be penalized for not getting enough check marks in the boxes for that day.
That would defeat the purpose of this activity.
But when a child knows that a certain number of check marks will equal a reward, you may see more positive behaviors.
And you can simply change the number of check marks for the specific reward box, not just use the 6-9-12 that has already been printed on the chart.

Just put an "X" over the number and ad lib your own number based on your child's age and abilities!

And, of course for you iPad/iPod/iTouch users...there's an app for that!
Now you can continue your positive behavior and rewards on the go!

Hanging these charts (one for each child if you have more than one in your home) will help your child excel and build self-esteem.
Since these charts are both engaging and enjoyable for children, they won't even know that you are modifying their behavior!

Sneaky, huh?

And these charts can be used with neuro-typical children as well as those with special needs since they are easily modified!

Remember, positive adult involvement is key to the success, and helping children to feel good about themselves can ease a parents/carers frustration.
My household is currently struggling with attitude from a 7 year old girl with multiple needs and temper tantrums from a 3 year old boy with a speech delay.
These charts have worked wonders in my house, even from the little boy whom you can't fool!
Guess what??? I fooled him!

So now, who is interested in receiving one of these charts for FREE!

Here's how to enter:
1. Leave a comment on this blog post as to why your child could benefit from these charts.

2. Become a fan on my Facebook page and leave a comment on my page.

3. Follow me on Twitter and "retweet" my giveaway Tweet.

4. Become a fan of Victoria Chart Company on
Facebook and let them know that I sent you there.

You can enter all 4 ways!

This giveaway is open from Monday, July 18, 2011 and ends on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at noon (CST).
Open to U.S. residents only.
Winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via email and announced on my Facebook page.
Please leave valid email address.
No anonymous entries allowed.
Winner will have 48 hours to contact me. If there is no response within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


(Please see "Disclaimer Tab" for additional information about this and all other product reviews/giveaways.)

Thank you to my friends over at The Victoria Chart Company for this great giveaway! You can follow their blog here as well!
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  1. These charts would be great for my apraxic son! He's so goal oriented and the chance to earn "bigger" rewards would be great for him. We'd certainly use it for our daily tasks and currently "staying dry all day long" as we're potty training!

  2. These charts would be great for both of my kids. Using words, not screams and completing speech/occupational/vision therapy would be great goals for all of us:)

  3. We could use this to keep the consistency of rewards at school. Great visual reminder for each child.
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  4. retweeted
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  5. Become a fan of Victoria Chart Company on FB
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  6. I became a fan of victoria chart company on facebook:)

  7. You site is wonderful so much info and help I am a mom of a apraxia son who is 11 and also has sensory processing your site is wonderful