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Singin' About a Great Giveaway!

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Music is a huge part of my children's' lives.
There is music constantly playing in my house, my car, and even me singing in the shower!
I even hear both of my children humming along to tunes and attempting to sing along with some of the popular nursery rhymes set to music.

And music is great for speech therapy!

But with apraxia, that is one hard task.
With apraxia being a motor-planning problem, children find it hard to keep up with a song as they attempt to sing.
They know the song and the tune, they just can't put it together as fast.
Sadly, this frustrates both child and Mom.

That is, however, until I met Katie from Sing Out!

Sing Out focuses on the bilabial sounds (P,B,W,M) and is recorded with simply voice and guitar to facilitate attention to sounds. The song are slightly slowed and musically repetitive for repeated practice of the focus phonemes. In addition, the songs are set up as transition songs for parents to learn and sing with their kiddos during various activities of the day. (It is also fun for passive listening as well) After track 12 on both CDs - the tracks repeat with blanks left in the music for the child to practice and "be the star".

Ta-Da grows a bit in musical complexity by adding additional instruments, but keeps with the structure, simplicity and pacing of Sing Out. It hits on some of the alveolar sounds (S,Z,T,D) and again uses play and transition songs as well as repeated tracks at the end of the CD.

Katie is a Mom of three children with an angelic voice like Julie Andrews!
Close your eyes and listen to'll think that Julie Andrews is singing right next to you!
She has a voice to calm even the most wired an intense Mom like me.
I was immediately drawn to her as were my two children.
My children sat and ate lunch as the first CD played in the background.
I quietly watched them.
It was neat to see them tap their foot or bop their head to the music!

Katie is a board certified music therapist and when her own daughter was diagnosed with apraxia, she stated "I truly felt lost. So, I did what came naturally: I sang."

As a music therapist, Katie has worked primarily with children with special needs using musical techniques in the therapeutic setting to address goals including social interaction, coping mechanisms, language development, emotional and creative expression, but most importantly sense of self.

And the best part is that the songs are fun, simple, and slightly slowed to allow our kiddos that valuable "think time".
They are designed as transition and play songs so parents can incorporate them into their child's daily activities

Katie is cool, isn't she?

Do you want a teaser about these CDs?
You can click here to listen to music samples!

And for the next 24 hours, Katie would like to give ONE of you both copies of her CDs!

I told you she was a cool Mom!

Here is how you can enter this week's giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on my Facebook Page.

2. Follow me on Twitter and "retweet" my tweet about the giveaway.

3. Become a fan of Sing Out! on Facebook here and tell her that Apraxia Mom sent you!

Simple as that and you can enter all three ways!

Contest begins today, July 25, 2011 and ends on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at noon (CST).
Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email and announced on my Facebook page.
Contest valid in the United States only.
Sorry, but no PO Box entries will be allowed.
No anonymous entries.
You must have a valid email address.
If the first winner does not contact me within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen at random.


And thank you, Katie, for allowing me to preview your CDs and for working with me in this amazing giveaway!

For more information about Katie and her products, you can visit her website hereSing Out!

(Please see "Disclaimer" tab above about the products for this and any other giveaway or review which is done on this site.)
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    I'd love to win the Sing Out CDs. My 5yo son has speech apraxia and is *just* now starting to take an interest in singing songs... however due to their speed and his need to 'plan' ahead, he unfortunately can't keep up even with children's music. This would be so awesome for us!


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