Thursday, July 21, 2011


Every child has a "best friend".

Who would like to give them one more to add to their brood?

Today, I am hosting an impromptu giveaway: a $50.00 gift certificate to Build-a-Bear!

The FIRST PERSON who can figure it out wins!

To enter, you MUST leave your response on my Facebook page and you must have voted for my blog to be one of the finalists in the A4CWSN "50 iPads/50 States/ 50 Days" Campaign...donating an iPad2 to a special needs child with Gary James and A4CWSN.

Simple as that!

Now, here is the question.......

If you are a regular follower of my blog, this should be easy for you:

What are the TWO NEWEST CHANGES to my blog?

You have to get both answers right to win!

The more detailed you are, the better your chances!

The contest will end as soon as the first person answers correctly AND votes for my blog.

Good Luck!

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  1. Backgroud Color is def one of them...and the border color - but you might count that all as one.
    This one may be totally off, but was your Top Ten always on Tuesdays? For some reason I am thinking it was on Wednesdays before :)

    Fun Give-A-Way!

  2. I know one answer. Need to figure out the other.

  3. Just posted on your facebook page :)

    The new changes to your blog are....#1 you only blog M-F because your weekends are booked. And #2 you are doing giveaways :) Like this amazing Build-a bear giveaway!!!

    Just took my apraxic daugther to B-A-B for her 5th birhday and we've created a monster. Her apraxic bother is going to get to go for his birthday because he loves stuffed animals. We even use them to practice our speech (they are colorful and come with tons of accesories for the kids to name :)