Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Remembers "Buddy Hinton"?

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How many of you remember Buddy Hinton?
You know, that nasty kid who teased Cindy Brady on "The Brady Bunch" because she had a lisp?

"Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk!" he would say to her.

And remember how she would sit on her stairs and work on that pesky /s/ sound?
"She sells sea shells by the sea shore."

And over.
And over.
Sounds like a day in the life of our children and the drilling of speech therapy that they go through.

And do you remember how big brother Peter punched Bobby in the mouth, causing his tooth to become loose and now Buddy had a lisp?
And then little Cindy could finally stand up to Buddy and tease him?

How many of you even remember that Cindy Brady even had a speech issue?
Yes, even back in the 70's, speech issues were around.
This is not something new.
She had a lisp.

Damn lisp!

My son has one, too.
And everytime I hear him attempt an /s/ sound, I see Andrew but I hear Cindy Brady.
Part of me smiles because I grew up with the Brady Bunch and loved that show!
But part of me feels sad for my little boy with a lisp.
But a lisp is just a teeny-tiny part of his speech problem.
And you thought it was just my daughter with the speech and language issues, right?


The occasional lisp is just a small part of what we are dealing with right now.
And right now is not the time for me to get into his speech issues.

But back to that nasty Buddy Hinton.
The kid who thought he was "all that and then some".
Mr. Perfect, or so he thought.
We all have lots of Buddy Hinton's in our lives.
I pick and choose which Buddy Hinton that I battle.

Who is the "Buddy Hinton" in your life right now?
Is it your insurance company as they deny your speech therapy claims one after another?
Is it your school not listening to your requests for additional help?
Is it your snooty neighbors who think their kid is "all that and then some"?
Is it your family who thinks you are inflating a problem and that your child "is just fine and they will talk soon when they are ready"?
Is it all of the above and their ignorance to the myriad of speech and language issues that so many of our children have today?

And yes.

If you have a child with a special need of any kind, then you have a Cindy Brady in your life.
And we all have to be a Peter Brady when it comes to standing up for our child and fighting the good fight.

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