Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, we just found out yesterday that Andrew's teacher last year won't be Andrew's teacher this year.


She was awesome.
Most teachers are awesome, but this lady was amazing and went above and beyond last year when Andrew was having a hard time adjusting to school-life.


The worst part is that I already told him that Miss J was going to be his teacher.
He was happy.
No, he was excited!
He had that excited smile and twinkle in his eye.


Now I need to get all excited about someone new.

I need a plan that the little boy is going to fall for without an issue.
At least I have all of ONE WEEK to come up with this "plan".

Any suggestions?


  1. Oh, no! I wish I had a good plan - the only thing I can think of is to simply tell him that he is going to get a new teacher - and tell him her name and different things about her (if you know anything about her). Is there a back-to-school night before school starts to let him get acquainted with her? What a bummer!

  2. I can relate. We're waiting on pins and needles to see if Audrey will get the same teacher & teacher aide she had last year. My gut tells me that she won't. We left the decision to the preschool director who knows the 3 year old teachers better than anyone else....just hoping for the best either way. I hope you and Andrew both like the new teacher! I'm sure she'll be awesome. :)