Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reading Troubles? No Way!

Reading is something that was really put on the back burner for Kaitlyn while we were working on speech.
Not on purpose.
It just wasn't something that I was focused on until the last 12-16 months when I thought to myself....."Reading? OMG! I forgot about that!"

And of course there is research to support that children with apraxia learn to read later than those children who are typical developing.
So we kicked it into high gear and really buckled down on the fundamentals of reading.
And luckily, Kaitlyn has taken to it well and enjoys it.
In fact, our lovely SLP Miss M even touches on reading during the therapy sessions with her.

And of course, I have a great article to pass along to you about this topic.
Read it.
It makes sense.
And it may help you a bit if you take your concerns to your child's teacher.

Happy Reading!

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