Friday, August 19, 2011

Speech Therapy: Take Two!

Two children.
Two children with speech issues.
Two children now in speech therapy.

This makes my head spin.

On Thursday, Andrew had his first private speech session.
All in all, it went well.
I was told that he worked hard and listened well, but was intermittently distracted by the exit sign in the room he was in.
Yes, my son has a thing about exit signs.
I can't explain it...they don't do anything but glow red and say E-X-I-T.

School starts again in five days for this little boy of mine.
I am really hoping that the combo of school and some private speech will help him along a little more.
I can see the progress that he is making, and he continues to challenge himself with new sounds and words each day.
What scares me is that I see his big sister in him, too.
The same errors.
The same sound production.
The same mannerisms of speech.

Yep, that ugly "apraxia" is trying very hard to get in the way with child #2.

Maybe I need to show ole apraxia the "EXIT" sign once and for all!

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  1. Sigh... I really hope Andrew evades the apraxia. Thankfully he has you for a mama, and you'll advocate for everything he needs!