Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ultimate Protection Against Little Fingers

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Kids are curious creatures.
They have inquisitive fingers and are usually oblivious to what those little fingers can do.
My son had reset my Blackberry to its original factory settings.
Yes, wiped it clean in the three minutes that his hot little hands had it while I was tending to his older sister in a doctor's office.
No wonder he was so quiet in that corner.
He has even posted status updates to my Facebook page which looked like I was swearing about something and has retweeted tweets on Twitter that *I* probably wouldn't have retweeted.

So what is a Mom (or Dad) to do about this?

Ladies and Paperclip Robot!

PaperClip Robot is the maker of the oh-so-great Bubcap, the button covers designed to fit iPads, iPhones, and iTouch by Apple.

BubCap home button covers are rigid enough to deter toddlers from pressing the home button, yet flexible enough that adults can activate the home button with a firm press. It's a similar concept to many child-proof caps for medicine bottles.

Bubcaps come in three different models:

BubCap (regular) is our least rigid model, which is great for most toddlers using an iPhone or iPod touch.

BubCap Ultra is more difficult to press through, and is best suited for toddlers on an iPad. Also works for older / stronger kids on an iPhone or iPod touch.

BubCap Max is the most difficult to press through, and is intended for older / stronger kids on an iPad. Can also deter adults on iPhone and iPod touch.

They come in a pack of four for only $5.00!

And Rob Mitchell over at PaperClip Robot wants to give some of these away to you!
Thank you, Rob Mitchell!
But not right this minute......

Stay tuned and watch my Facebook page later on today for details on this amazingly generous giveaway!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how frustrating! Paperclip robot is a great idea.