Monday, August 1, 2011

Your Child's Story: A Free Blog Giveaway!

A child with special needs usually has problems with social skills.

How do you get them to remember that strangers could be dangerous?
How do you ease their minds when you have to go to the pediatrician for a flu shot?
How do you teach them to share and make them remember?

Social skills are also referred to as "pragmatics".
They are a vital part of functioning in our world today.
Unfortunately, there are so many children with various developmental disabilities who have problems learning this complex form of social interaction.

And as parents, we are faced with the challenge to teach our children these "unspoken" rules of social behavior.
Typical developing children pick up these skills easily through experience and learn from interactions.
But take a child with a disability: they typically lack the understanding to learn from their life experiences because they have more difficulty with these social skills.
So in order for our children to learn these life skills, they have to be taught.

So what do we do?
We make up stories for our children.
Yes, you probably do it without even realizing that you are doing it.
It's almost like pre-teaching for your child

Social stories are straight-forward interventions for your child.
They break down social situations which may be challenging for your child and put them into understandable steps by deleting information that is not relevant.
Social Stories are very black and white.
And the goals of these social stories are to give information in a clear and reassuring manner that is easily understood by the child.
They are already trying to process so much...why make it harder?

Now what would you say if I told you about a great website that could actually personalize a story for your child?

Let me introduce you to Sandbox Learning.

"Sandbox Learning is built around the philosophy of a traditional Sandbox; a
fun, creative, community learning environment. We believe if children have fun
while learning they will be engaged in the lesson, increase their participation,
and embrace a love of learning. We believe no child learns in exactly the same
way, but through personalization parents and professionals can create tools that
connect on an individual level with each child. We know your time is valuable so
we create cost effective tools that are easy to print and use.

The materials and resources in the online Sandbox are the result of years of
collective experience from our development team. It is our hope that through
these personalized materials every child will feel special, identify with the
stories, and connect deeply to their world.

Success Stories are personalized children’s books. Customize the illustrations to
the child’s appearance based on gender, hair style and color, eye color, skin
tone, glasses, and method of communication. Alter the text to personalize the
story’s content. Our collection of children’s stories addresses emotional,
social, safety, and communication skills to foster character development."

So here is the blog giveaway this week.....

The winner will be given a gift certificate to the Sandbox-Learning site which is good for FIVE personalized books of their choice for their child here!
That's a value of $45.00....yours FREE if you are chosen as the winner!

And for a limited time, anyone who goes to the site can register and get their own sample story about "Waiting" for FREE!

I did it and I love it!
I was able to design the "Waiting" book for my daughter.
I got to choose her eye color, hair length and color, skin tone, the fact that she wore glasses, and that she used words to communicate.
What is so neat about this site is that there are various forms of communication that you can choose from!
So even if your child doesn't have words but uses sign language, there are options for you!

So who wants these AWESOME, personalized books for their child?!

Here's how to enter:
1. Go to Sandbox-Learning on Facebook, like their page, and tell them that Apraxia Mom sent you!

2. Become a fan of Apraxia Mom on Facebook and leave a comment on my Facebook page about this giveaway. Please make this a separate entry on my page...easier for me to find!

3. Follow Apraxia Mom on Twitter and "retweet" this giveaway.

4. Leave a comment on this blog post.

You may enter all four ways.

This contest will run from Monday August 1, 2011 through Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at noon (CST).
Winner will be chosen by at random and will be contacted by e-mail and on my Facebook page.
Please leave valid email addresses.
If there is no response in 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.
Sorry, but there will be no P.O. Box winners.

This giveaway is for US Residents only.


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    1. This is a great giveaway. The waiting story is going to be great for us:) Thanks for what you do.

    2. Thank you

      This would help mybson so much

    3. What a great resource! THanks.

    4. Amber Bowen BedordAugust 1, 2011 at 1:20 PM

      This looks not only useful, but REALLY FUN!

    5. Love the idea! I'm sure my son would get a kick out of it.

    6. have always wanted to try Sandbox Learning after downloading their sample.

    7. Sandbox Learning has great materials.