Friday, September 16, 2011

The Best Laid Plans....

...sometimes actually work and fall into place nicely!

Well how 'bout that?

This morning, I had a mini-IEP Meeting to discuss the addition of OT to Andrew's IEP.
Since his private OT evaluation has brought some "issues" to the surface, I realized that many of those same issues may (could?) affect him academically.
And the only way that OT will be added to his IEP is if they come to the same, if not pretty darned similar, conclusions that indeed his "issues" may affect him academically if they are not appropriately addressed in the school setting.

So the meeting went well, and I didn't even need my trusty cup of coffee or calculator!
It was very relaxed...7 ladies sitting around the table chit-chatting about the boy wonder and how well he is doing as well as validating my concerns on the OT front.

Especially the whole regression thing that's been like the elephant in the room for me.

In the end, the papers were signed and the plan was put into motion.
Data will be collected, evals (both subjective and objective) will be done, and we will reconvene in 5 weeks to make determining decisions based on the above.
In the meantime, he will continue to attend weekly OT sessions to work on a few kinks in his system.

For a change, this was a nice way to end the school week and start the weekend!
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