Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall: My Favorite Time of Year

I love fall.
With the cool crisp air and bright sun, it has to be one of my favorite seasons.
The scent of pies baking.
Warm sweaters.
Flannel bed sheets.
Chicago Bears Football!!!

And fall is also a great time for crafts!
My two don't like to do crafts in the summer as they would rather play outside or bike or swim.
But with the cooler air, I am able to entice them to work on socialization skills, fine motor skills, and creative imagination as well!

Now, I found this online and copied it, but I cut off the author.
So no...this is NOT mine.
But if the real author is out there....PROPS to you for a great project!

Here is what you'll need:
*Construction paper (green, brown, red, orange, yellow, blue)
*Glue stick

How to make your Fall Tree:
Cut a tree shape out of brown construction paper and glue it to the blue piece of paper.
There’s no template for this because it is another part of the craft that an older child could help create.
Once you get the trunk glued down, the limbs are just long and short rectangular pieces of paper glued on.
Cut a wavy, thick strip of green construction paper to be the grass.
Use a ruler to draw two to three straight lines on the red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper.
Ideally you want to create two ~ inch long strips.
Have your child cut along the line to cut the strips out if they are able.
Then have your child cut the strip into small squares.
These will be your leaves.
Use the glue stick to attach the leaves to your tree.
Remember, it’s fall so the leaves can be on the ground, falling to the ground, or floating through the air above the tree!

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  1. We're going to do this craft today! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's a great craft idea. Nolan is working on cutting - he can't cut on a line yet, so he cuts "choo choo train tracks" at school (snips strips into little pieces). This would be a great project for him!