Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Include Special Ed With General Ed

Please don't ask me to answer this question.
Because I don't know the answer.

All I do know is that my husband and I have prayed and talked and prayed some more about this topic for several weeks now.
We have known for some time that this day would come.
And while we are both excited and anxious, scared and nervous, confident and determined to make it work....the day has come.

The day?
Kaitlyn will be mainstreaming to our home school.
Saying good-bye to the security blanket of what we have come to know in the self-contained setting which she has been in for almost three years.
While I will miss the warmth and comfort of that security blanket, I know in my heart of hearts that it has become too restrictive for her.
And while she is not completely ready to have her wings clipped to fly away on her own, her current setting is holding her back from the potential that she has inside.

There will still be a lot of hand-holding and guidance required (of both her and myself!), we are ready to embark on the new adventure.
It won't happen until the summer of the 2012-2013 school year, but there is a lot that has to be done prior to the "big move".

How do I teach the new staff about my child?
About her abilities?
About her disabilities?
About what motivates her and what scares her?
Will I ever be able to relax and just let her go?

Of course I will!
Because this girl and I can swim with the sharks!
Better yet, we swim BETTER than most sharks out there.
And together, we will do this!
We will be successful!

Click here for some great tips to help you include your special ed child in the general education setting.

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