Thursday, September 22, 2011

Math and Me = Oil and Water

Have I mentioned that I don't like math?

Well, I don't.
Like oil and water, we don't mix.

And please don't let that scare you.
Yes, I am a nurse.
Nurses need to do math.
Yes, I do math on a daily basis.
But that is medication dosing math.
Complex math that I use to keep my patients alive or save their lives.

Not the easy stuff that Kate is learning.
Nope, I can't teach my daughter the fundamentals of math.
I can keep a patient alive by titrating Heparin infusions but I can't do 1-2-3 math.
So I leave the math portion of homework and education up to my techy-husband.
He works and thrives on math.
Math is like breathing to him.

So are you like me?
Do you like math or avoid it?
How do you teach your children math?
Yes, of course I have an article to share with you!

Click here to see new ways to teach your child (or yourself...*cough cough*...) MATH!

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  1. I'm good at biochemistry math. I've heard they are teaching kids "new math" with a different methodology than how we learned, though. We'll see what happens - Matt is just starting Kindergarten so he just has basic tangrams and bar graphs. Easy peasy so far, lol!