Thursday, September 15, 2011


To relapse to a less perfect or developed state.

Unfortunately, there has been some regression in both kids.
Kaitlyn has regressed with handwriting.
Andrew has regressed with some fine motor skills as well.
I blame Kaitlyn's regression on her June 2011 surgery...and myself.
I didn't push her during that 3 week recovery period.
Hey! Who would want to write when all you wanted to do is take your pain meds and sleep and hope that your nasty sore throat would go away from a tonsillectomy?
So I didn't push.
And now we are paying for it.
Then ESY started and there was speech therapy and summer fun.
We didn't work that hard on handwriting.
Therefore, we have regression.

And Andrew?
I blame his horrible ESY experience.
Six weeks of a summer program that allowed him to fall through the cracks on the OT front.
No thanks to that horrible 3rd grade teacher who "thought" she could teach preschool ESY.
Yeah, maybe she could if she put down her phone and refrained from yelling "STOP IT!" and "STOP DOING THAT!" and focused on what really mattered: the kids in her class.
Oh, I let my husband write the complaint letter about that one because if it were left to me, heads would've rolled and that girl would never be allowed in an ECE setting again.
So now we are dealing with regression in Andrew.

So what proactive steps have I taken to fix this?
Well, first of all, I have had Andrew evaluated privately by an OT.
And thanks to her, we have an action plan in place.
And I have also contacted his school (during the Meet-n-Greet) to get an official school OT eval going.
You see, if it is affecting him academically, he needs an addendum to his IEP and he needs the services to start ASAP.
And from what I see and what the private OT eval sees, it WILL affect him academically.
Fortunately, he has a super-enthusiastic teacher and we have an official IEP meeting set up for tomorrow to get the ball rolling, so to speak.
And I am coming armed with an official OT eval detailing his "issues" that she sees.
There will be no arguing that.

And as for Kaitlyn, a brief phone conference with her school OT has set forth some great homework assignments and aggressive plans for this semester.
We are on the same page when it comes to having expectations and knowing what is expected from each other.
And let's not forget Kaitlyn's amazing teacher this year!

It really helps to have a great team in place when it comes to the success of your child in school.
Hopefully by December, we can cross off "conquer OT regressions" off of our "To-Do List".
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  1. I would like to cheer you up and say that they, Kaitlyn and Andrew, will go to improve and maybe you will write one entry on this blog talking about.

    I wish you and your family the best, and you're a great mother!!!!

  2. Oh, goodness - what a terrible summer experience for Andrew (and you can't really help Kate's surgery - being sick is just a tough thing). I am SO glad you have a plan in place to get both kids caught back up. I hate the regression word.