Monday, October 17, 2011

BOO! A Great Halloween Craft Idea!

In the spirit (um, no pun intended there! Hee-Hee!) of Halloween, I will be focusing this week on crafty fun ideas that you can do with your children.
They are simple crafts and will hold their attention, too!

Today's craft will be a ghost...made from your child's foot!
Cute, isn't it?

Here is what you'll need:
•Construction paper or that thick, foamy craft paper
•Glue stick
•Googly eyes

Here is how to make your Footprint Ghost:
Carefully trace your child's foot and cut out their footprint.
•Glue the footprint onto a piece of construction paper.
•Cut two arms out of construction paper (the same color as the ghost) and glue them onto your ghost.
•Have your child draw a face onto your ghost

Try and allow your child to do most of the work, if possible.
Allow them to watch you and model your steps as you make your ghost.
Cute and simple!
Have a "boo-tiful" afternoon!

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