Friday, October 21, 2011


Tuesday, October 21, 2003.
6 pounds 8 ounces 19 1/2 inches.
My heart now walks outside of my body.
I am in love.

One Year Old.
I love you more and more each day.

Two Years Old.
You are quite the character.
You are strong.

Three Years Old.
You are my special girl.
You teach me new things each and every day.
I am in awe of your strength.

Four Years Old.
Your eyes smile when you smile.
You make me learn that love is more than words.

Five Years Old.
You are my hero.
I am blessed and honored to be your Mom.

Six Years Old.
You are a warm, loving little girl.
Any you learn to jump hurdles like no other.

Seven Years Old.
You found your voice.
You continue to inspire me.
You are my reason for waking every morning.

On this day, your 8th birthday, I have so many wishes for you.
But the biggest of these is LOVE.
I love you, my dear daughter.

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  1. "....You continue to inspire me.
    You are my reason for waking every morning...."

    I agree with you, I feel the same for my son Arnau, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR PRETTY DAUGTHER!!!


  2. Eight!! WHere does the time go? Happy Birthday to you, Kate!!