Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An OT Halloween Craft!

How about a Halloween craft that combines both fun and some OT work?
That's what you will get when you do this Lacing Spider Web craft!
Kiddies will be so busy lacing that they won't realize they are actually working those little fine motor skills!

Here is what you'll need for this craft:
*Small paper plate
*Orange paint
*Single hole punch (any size)
*Black felt or construction paper
*Spider template
*White string, yarn or ribbon (Note: shoelaces work the best!)
*Scissors (safety ones for smaller children)
*Scotch tape

And here is how to make this craft with your child:
*Paint the paper plate orange.
*Trace a spider onto black felt or construction paper and cut the spider shape out. *Cut three small slits into each side of the spider shape to make legs.
*If working with a preschooler, let your child try to make the smaller cuts to make the legs.
*When the plate is dry, punch holes around the rim.
*Lace the string through one of the holes and either make a knot or tape the end down to the back of the plate.
*Encourage your child as they lace the string back and forth across the plate.
*When they get to the end, tie off the last piece (or tape it to the back of the plate).
*Glue the spider onto the plate.

That's it!
Now you have a spider in a web!

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