Friday, October 14, 2011

"POP!" for Sight Words Game

Ah, yes!
Yet another way to teach children sight words.
Oh, how we just love our sight words in this house!
Can you sense my sarcasm?
The problem with sight words is that flash cards are boring and the mere fact of bringing the Ziploc baggie out with those flash cards make my kids run in different directions!

Well, let's just see what happens when this game comes in the mail!
I couldn't order it fast enough!

Pop for Sight Words Game by Learning Resources!
Students will gobble up handfuls of fun as they recognize and read aloud sight words.
Fast-paced game play is great for improving fluency.
Even use the abundant word cards for your own early literacy activities.
Includes 100 die-cut popcorn cards (92 sight words and 8 POP cards) in box with engaging graphics.
Measures 3"L x 3"W x 6 1/4"H. For 2–4 players. Grades 1+.
Fast-paced game play is great for improving fluency.

Pick a popcorn card, read the word correctly, and build your popcorn pile
Don't pull the POP card or all your pieces go back in the box
Player with the most pieces wins!
If I can get my hands on another one of these, you can be sure a giveaway will be involved!

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