Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank You, Loud Mommy!

Words can't express my deepest thanks and most sincere appreciation for a gift from Loud Mommy for my son, Andrew.
Having one child with apraxia is rough.
Having two children with it is even harder.
Basically, some days are really a struggle to muddle through.
But after the rain and storms, there is always a rainbow.
And trust me, we have had our share of stormy days.
And in our world right this very minute, our "rainbow" is Loud Mommy!

What do you say to the person who has given you yet another avenue to help your child (or in my case, children) with their speech and language therapy?

How can you even begin to explain the sparkle in your child's eye or the smile on their face?

How do you explain the look that your child has on their face when they are trying to figure something out?
Or the look that they have when they realize they just "got it"?
How do you explain that desire and drive that they have to prove to everyone that they could do it....if you only slow down and give them a chance?
How do you capture the sheer joy of their successes?
Or their anticipation of a job well done?
How do you bottle the feelings that pour out of the heart of a parent with a child with special needs?
...when at this very moment....your child looks no different than any other child?
Amongst the clouds and storms of life, we are surrounded by little rainbows.

They aren't always there right in front of you, though.

Hidden, magical rainbows.

The type you see in movies and dreams.

Although life's rainbows are even better!
And if you can't see yours, then you just need to stop looking so hard and simply pay attention.
How would you say "thank you" for such an amazing gift?

What words would you choose to convey the emotional feelings that you have at this point?
Where would you start?

Maybe I should just let Andrew say a few words about what he thinks:

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Yes, thank you, Loud Mommy!

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  1. Pattie - what app is Andrew using with the letters? Please share...looks fun!