Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did You Ever Wonder HOW They Learn?

Did you ever wonder HOW your special needs child learns?
Why it takes longer for some simple tasks and quicker for more complex tasks?
I have.
And I have found a wonderful book for you all to read.
I bought mine on and read it in one night.
And I must say that it has opened my eyes to what my own child with special needs is going through.

Thank you, David Sousa!

"Since the first edition of David A. Sousa's bestseller on a brain-based approach for special education, scientists have made remarkable progress in understanding how the human brain functions. Now, How the Special Needs Brain Learns, Second Edition, helps you turn the latest developments in neuroscience into practical classroom activities for students with common learning challenges.

In this completely revised second edition, Sousa builds on the latest data by examining both simple and complex learning strategies that can be adapted for students with learning disabilities such as ADHD/ADD; speech, reading, writing, and math disabilities; emotional and behavioral disorders; autism; and Asperger's syndrome.

Emphasizing lifelong independent learning, increased retention, and cognitive flexibility, this revision offers educators targeted assistance with:

•Responsiveness to Intervention (RTI) for evaluating students at risk
•Expanded chapters on attention and autism spectrum disorders
•Revised material on reading, emotional, and behavioral disorders
•A new final chapter featuring a practical framework for identifying, accommodating, and motivating special needs students
•References to more than 230 new scientific studies

Offering real strategies for real classrooms, Sousa's latest work is an indispensable tool for all educators, school administrators and teachers, staff developers, preservice educators, and even parents who want to better understand the way their children process and retain information."

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