Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Get Funding for Advocates/Attorneys

I'm sure the title of this post caught your attention, didn't it?
Funny how money makes people's ears perk up like a kitty stalking a bird in the yard.
The fact of the matter is that special needs attorneys and advocates are not cheap.
Then again, you wouldn't want a cheap one, would you?
You'd want someone to go to bat for your child like it was their own.
You'd want them to expect work from you as well.
It's called a team approach.
And when that attorney does his/her job, you realize that each and every hard earned penny that went towards that retainer fee, traveling fee, or copy fee was worth it and well spent, right?

That's what Jessica and Brett wanted for Emma.
And that's what Jessica and Brett got for Emma.

This is Jessica, and she has quite the story to tell you.
She has a cute-as-a-button daughter named Emma.
And yes, Emma has special needs.
And when I read Jessica's blog, I have to ask myself "Don't I know this girl?"
She sounds so much like me and what I would do.
Funny thing, that special needs community out there, isn't it?
I'm not sure exactly when I met Jessica, if it was through Blog Frog or on a random Internet search of special needs blogs, but I am grateful that I did meet her.

She is one tough cookie!
She would fit in well with me on the south side of Chicago, I tell ya.
A feisty little spit-fire with a passion for her child and her needs like no one else I have met in a long time.
And because Ms. Jessica has a soft, compassionate side, too...she wants to help other parents just like her.
You see, Jessica and Brett and Emma went on this Attorney Journey, and it wasn't some all-expense-paid-kind-of-trip-that-one-wins-on-The-Price-Is-Right.
No balloons falling and confetti caught in your hair or bells and whistles.
It was hard work.
The kind of work that paid off...BIG TIME!

It is this kind of Attorney Journey.

Once you read the ending story of the journey, go back to the beginning.
See where it all started.
See how low they pounded into the ground.
Then see how they rose victorious like a phoenix from the flames.

She's from Arizona, too!
I am too freaking creative tonight with the whole "phoenix" comment!
(*Apraxia Mom pats self on the back!*)

Alright, back to my whole point of this blog post....and I do have a point here.
Go to Jessica's Etsy page and help her help other parents fund an attorney or advocate for their special needs child.
100% of purchases on cards and jewelry will go directly towards helping another child.

You can join me on the Jumping Waves Facebook page to continue following Jessica, Brett and Emma on this journey.
I'm sure there will be more great news to share!

Thanks, Jessica, for being such a warrior Mom!
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