Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Mom, I Can't Hear"

That was the message that Kaitlyn gave me on Tuesday morning when she woke up.
She's been battling a cold for about a week now, but those words made me believe that something else was up.
Aside from my fear of an ear infection, I was pretty impressed with what she had to tell me.
And the fact that she did tell me.
In her own words.
And that I didn't have to try and figure it out or play charades to figure it out.
Because for so long, that is what I had to do to figure out the few words she had.

So, being the bad Mom that I was being Tuesday morning, I sent her to school.
Why shouldn't I have sent her?!
She didn't have a fever.
She did have a snotty nose, but no fever.
So off to school she went.
But that little Mama voice in my head told me to call the pediatrician's office and get her in to be checked out ASAP.

We had an appointment at 3:45pm.
She looked a tad worse than when I sent her to school.
Something was really kicking her butt.
And the doc's trusty otoscope told me the inevitable: she has an ear infection.

Well, she did tell me that she couldn't hear that morning.
But she didn't have a fever, so I didn't think "infection".
Yep, bad Mom and bad Nurse...all in one day.

So now she is on the pink stuff.
And now I have to hope that sounds and words don't start to suffer because of it.
It's happened before, and I've been there.
Until her next speech session, I've got to bump up her speech therapy at home.
Need to work on those lower decibel sounds.
Focus on the /s/ and /th/ and /f/ sounds for a few days.

The lesson learned here?
Listen to my kids.
Lesson learned.
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  1. Oh, ugh! Ear infections are so awful - I hope the pink stuff clears it up fast! Nolan does that a lot, too - he gets infections with no outward sign (other than if his eardrum perforates and he bleeds). BOO to infections!

  2. I have been through this with my daughter..recently had to have two rounds of antibiotics and I def noticed some speech loss..I thought I was over worried and over thinking again..but now that you mention it I believe it..just have to work even harder...