Friday, December 2, 2011

*Frosty the Snowman and Bad Words

I never liked the word "stupid".
Even when I was growing up and heard others say it, I simply didn't care for it.

But now the word is one hot topic in my house, thanks to the Frosty the Snowman DVD that my children are addicted to.
It is played over and over.....and over.
At home.
In the car.
Wherever a DVD player is, so is Frosty.
It's a cute movie and I get all tickled when I listen to my kids sing along to the catchy tunes.

That is, until my daughter announced one day "Mom, the Professor said a bad word!"
He said something bad?
I've never heard anything bad, and I've got ears like a hawk!
She insisted that the Professor said a bad word and insisted that I play it back so that she could show me.

And sure enough, she was right!
Right out of the mouth of that crabby old Professor Hinkle!
He's so ticked off that he is a horrible magician and that his rabbit is not cooperating and now has raw egg in his hat....and the kids would rather go outside to play in the newly fallen snow than to watch him.
And just to clarify, he calls the snow "stupid", not the rabbit or any child.
Good choice, Prof!
*And while the actual word "stupid" is not technically a bad word, it is in our house.
Falls into the same category as the four-letter words that had better not come out of my kids' mouths!

In my 3+ decades of watching Frosty the Snowman, I never noticed this.
But leave it to my daughter.....the one with the speech, language, and processing issues to identify it and bring it to my attention.

If you've never heard it before, click below.
You'll hear the word "stupid" around the 2:17 mark.
It's amazing that I hadn't picked up on the word after 30+ years of watching that movie.
But my daughter with special needs did.

Yep, this kid continues to amaze me!

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  1. Well, thank goodness it's the snow he calls stupid! And Well done to Kaitlyn for picking it up. Stupid is most certainly a word I myself don't want to hear in my house when my boys can talk.

  2. What a great lesson to teach your kids - people should never be called stupid! The snow, on the other hand.. (just kidding)! I would never have caught that - Kaitlyn has sharp ears!