Monday, December 12, 2011

"I Did It!"

Last week Monday was Andrew's first swim lesson.
The boy is afraid of water.
Afraid to get his face wet.
But the care and compassion of his coach made it so easy for him.
This video was 10 minutes into the lesson.
He went from a boy afraid of water to a boy telling me "I did it!"
Love that little voice!

Yes, Andrew, you did it!

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  1. Great video!..I was reading about kaitlyn,..never had anyone else have a daughter with apraxia, lazy eye and a bowel obstruction/ ileus in their did they confirm meningitis if you don't mind me asking..does ir show up on an MRI?

  2. So sweet! He looks like he's having a good time! I would've never known that he had been afraid of the water!