Friday, January 6, 2012


Look who got her new glasses!

For 8 days, we were without glasses.
Hard for someone with a vision deficit.
Even harder for a child with special needs to understand what happened.
A freak accident caused them to break.
My poor girl lost her footing and tumbled down, face first, five cement stairs.

Face first.

A bloody mess, I tell ya!
Thankfully, I held my composure and the RN in me kicked in:

"Never let them see the panic on your face that you feel inside".

Xrays confirmed that her "hurt tooth" was OK and she just had some soft tissue swelling.

But her poor face was ripped up, fat lip, blood everywhere!
Thanks to some diligent cleaning and antibiotic ointment, she is about 98% healed.
And we are so blessed that her shattered glasses didn't lacerate her eye!
Once again, a rainbow.


  1. Poor thing! Glad she's better. Adorable glasses! ;-)

  2. Ouch!, but thank goodness is wasn't worse. She looks good in her glasses.

  3. Oh, so scary (I freak out about anything near the eyes). Love the new glasses - and glad that she didn't lose a tooth in the fall (yikes)!