Friday, January 20, 2012

"Forget it Mom, I'll Just Dance"

It seems so long ago, but I remember the days when we could barely understand 90% of what Kate was saying due to her severe apraxia.
Translation: we only grasped about 10%, if that!
But with the progress that she has made, those numbers have reversed and she is thriving and making great strides!
And while her expressive language is booming, her receptive language is improving as well.
Now, we are focusing more on cognition and executive functioning and small task.
Her private SLP made a statement to me the other day that makes total sense to me this morning.
She said:

"She has so much that she wants to say. So much in her head. She is expanding her vocabulary and newer concepts are popping into her head and she wants to get it out. But this is when we are going to see her apraxia come out, too. I've seen her stutter and grope for words. We've got to kick it into high gear now."

I wish she said this to me two weeks ago.
It would all make sense.
Two weeks ago, we were driving towards the mall, dancing to "Let's Dance" from Lady GaGa.
And two weeks ago, Kate was trying to tell me something from the back seat of the car.
And I couldn't get it.
I couldn't figure out what she was saying.


So I asked her to repeat herself.
"Say it again, Kate."
"Say it again, hon."
"One more time."


I couldn't figure it out.
I felt like we were thrust backwards about 6 years again.
She was struggling to get a word out.
I was struggling to figure out what she was saying.
I felt defeated by apraxia all over again.
And then our eyes met in the rear view mirror.
Quiet eyes saying the same thing to each other, knowing exactly what the other was feeling.
"Kate, do you want to tell me one more time what you were trying to say?"
"No, Mom. Forget about it. I'll just dance."

She may not know apraxia, but she knows what it does to her.
But she doesn't let apraxia win.
She takes the high road and dances like no one is watching!
I love this girl!

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  1. I have the same frustrations with my son's spelling test. We write them and say them 20 times each day. He works so hard and the other day he only got 5 right when we did a practice test and I just broke down because I have tried every game and everything I can think of to help. Felt defeated. Then I asked him to spell them to me and did great. It just gets so hard sometimes.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Kate! Dance away, girlfriend!

    And yay for a SLP who will kick things into high gear - to let those new vocabulary concepts make their way into her speech.