Monday, January 16, 2012

My Friendship Circle Will Vote, Right?

There is a little contest going on....and it's not going to last long.
And there is a lady that I know who has entered this contest and needs your votes!

This is the lady: Mary Clare.
And she already wants to win the iPad2 to GIFT IT to a well-deserving child that she knows!
Because this is all about giving, not receiving.
And the gift of voice for a nonverbal child is the closest thing to a miracle that she can do for this child.

Contestants were asked to "snap a picture of the Friendship Circle magnet in a creative display or a unique location. Your could be the big winner of an Apple iPad 2, a $200 Visa gift card or autographed celebrity apparel!".

Voting only runs from Jan 15th through Jan 19th.

And this is all you have to do:
1. Search "Friendship Circle of Michigan" on Facebook.

2. "LIKE" their page.

3. Click on "View Photos and Vote".

4. Click on the vote box for "Hot Rod Magnet"

That's it!
Only one vote per photo per person.
Do it today, and I won't bug you about it anymore...I PROMISE!

And thank so much for voting!

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