Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. A more than happy holiday for our family!

9. Two kids NOT afraid of Santa Claus this year!

8. Ringing in 2012 at home...in pajamas...eating deep-dish Chicago pizza with the kids!

7. A very long 2 week Winter Break. *sigh*

6. Homeschooling for two weeks. Boy is this hard! Props to all of you parents out there who do this full-time! I have an even deeper respect for you now!

5. Still no snow in Chicago. What the heck! I want to go sledding!

4. A sassy 8 year old girl who is really making progress in syntax and semantics!

3. Continued progress on the OT and ST front from both kids. HOORAY!

2. A wonderful 23 days off from work. Not a scheduled vacation, but a decrease in census causing me to be cancelled several times. Trust me, I'm not complaining....it's been nice to recharge my battery!

1. I LOVE my kids!

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