Thursday, January 19, 2012


Every kid is different.

Every day is different.

Every age changes the way in which it manifests.

Diet and nutrition can make all the difference one day and do nothing another.

There is no “cure”,.

No antidote.

Not enough experts.

Differing opinions.

Too many sceptics.

Too much politics.

Not enough... support.

Way too much ignorance

And far too much discrimination from those who don’t get it.

And yet if I was given the opportunity to “send him back” and make him “better” I wouldn’t.

He is my blessing, my joy, my challenge.

More meaningful than any troubles I might ever have.

Much more important than anything that rises up in my own ego.

More precious than any metal I own and exactly as he is meant to be...

Perfect in his imperfections.

~Author Unknown

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  1. This poem came at the perfect time since Emma ended her day yesterday with a huge meltdown. Thanks for sharing!