Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Two amazingly wonderful kids at a rowdy Super Bowl party!

9. "Indeed!" This is my daughter's newest word.

8. A great report card.

7. Upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.

6. A little boy who is the master of any computer that you put in front of him!

5. A little girl who wants to be a nurse.

4. Continued progress in both speech and OT for both kids.

3. Handwriting, handwriting, handwriting practice.

2. "Good morning, Andrew." "Good morning, Kaitlyn." "I love you." "I love you." *Exchange of hugs* This is the dialogue that takes place every morning in my kitchen between my two children. Love it!

1. I LOVE my kids!

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  1. Oh, how precious is that morning dialogue! Definately one to teach my boys!

  2. LOVE Kaitlyn's new word! So sweet how your kids hug each other every morning!